First Slide Show…but much more to tell

There is a story behind MANY of these pictures….give me time. I will get the story out.  There were many tears shed this morning when I got there.  A little boy captured my heart–he reminded me so much of our grandson, Zackary. 

Then there were the little girls that just want to hug you.  And the little hands that were extended for us to shake.  “hola!”  They said. 

So please look at these, share them with a friend…and I will come back and tell you some more of what God did in the service we had today with the ladies! It was awesome….

(a hint…7 gave their hearts to Jesus!)


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3 responses to “First Slide Show…but much more to tell

  • constance

    So precious….they would just pull on my heart strings to the point of keeping tears in my eyes!! Bless you all for going and sharing the love of Jesus to them. I know they will never forget this week. Love you

  • Denise

    The children are beyond precious, truly touch my heart. I appreciate your efforts there for our Father's Kingdom sis.

  • Karen

    Awesome pictures…can't wait to hear the stories…

    Praise the Lord for the 7 that responded to the call…and for all the lives that were touched….

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