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Sharing Blessings!

News Flash!

Lisa Shaw, my newest sibling (I adopted her this year), has so graciously offered a couple of giveaways! Go to her blog and get the details!

God is going to pour out an abundant portion of HIS Spirit upon all the hearts that gather at this retreat! How do I know? His Word plainly tells us! (Matthew 18:18-19)

The Lord, I believe, is right now speaking to hearts and lives about this retreat. You may want to come but see no possible way. Keep praying. I believe that God can change the mind of man, change the circumstances of our finances, and make a way where there seems to be no way! Even if the land you are living in now seems a complete wilderness–HE CAN PROVIDE! Isaiah 43:19

When I went to the She Speaks conference last year, I wanted to go desperately! I began to pray and seek God on the “how”. He laid the plan clear in my heart and mind! I had some “extra furniture” that was rarely used—and I REALLY didn’t need—BUT it was really nice stuff! When the suggestion came to my heart–I wish I could say I leaped on it! Instead, I mulled it over. I prayed and asked the LORD if that was HIS will and HIS way for my registration—then supply the buyer. Within a week it was sold. I was on my way! I will never regret that decision to follow HIM. That conference experience changed so much about how I saw things! If it is possible, I believe I fell deeper in love with Jesus and all the daughters of the KING!

I want to give that back to others. With all my heart I want to see lives focused more intently on HIM and what YOUR purpose is for HIS Kingdom! He has a plan, a vision that He desires to see you fulfill! He has already made you able. Though, you might not see it clearly yet, He will reveal it to you in due time.

Pack your bag. Grab your pillow, sheets, blanket and towel. Join us for a life changing, heart refueling, time of anointed worship, prayer, praise, teaching and fellowshipping! If you have a need, bring it with you! God will meet you here!

Don’t forget-a giveaway is underway at Lisa’s place!


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Monday’s Laced With Grace

A Hug in a Rainbow

A few weeks ago I was driving home, and my mind was on the many things I needed to get done before I could leave for His speaking engagement. I said it that way on purpose. It is not mine. I am not a speaker, but a writer. There are days though, when I wonder if I’m even that…..
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