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Only Granddaughter

Our only granddaughter. Kaylee-lou is what I call her sometimes.

She is ruler of the boys at her house! (She is blessed with 4 brothers) She has a sweet heart and a love to help mommy and daddy.

God is good! When her daddy married our oldest daughter, we were thrilled to at last, have a granddaughter! She’s been our little sweetheart ever since.

Marriage is hard for anyone, but especially so for blended families.

How many blended families do you know? In your church or your neighborhood?

Can you think of some ways to encourage and even help them in stressful times?

Prayer is key.

Sending a note or card of encouragement to both parents is good, calling their names on a daily basis is important as well. Offering to babysit for a couple hours while they go for a quick bite, or just a walk together, alone—without the whinney “I want’s” tagging along. When sending a card, include an uplifting scripture, and even a short prayer. That let’s them know they are thought of and loved. Mom’s and Dad’s need this as never before!

In the days we are living, life is stressful—the economy—medical situations—school issues—life in general. The enemy will work the hardest on families who are trying to stay in step with God—to cause them to lose sight of Him—and their goal. Heaven.

Seek out those that need your attention. Ask the Lord to cross your path with individuals that maybe just need a smile or hug. Freely give of the love that the LORD has given you!

For those of you (ladies only) who are following along with the ramblings of my hormonal days, I have posted an update regarding medication. Or, at least what I am taking. The link is included here.

I pray blessings on your weekend! God is faithful! God is good!

Read Romans chapter 8. The whole chapter in the Amplified Version if you have it! If you aren’t shoutin’ when you’re done, your shouter is broke. And you better get it fixed!


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