Mary Snyder and a New Giveaway!

Join the Sisters of Faith in welcoming Mary Snyder to the 2009 Bloggers Retreat!


Mary is one of 8 of awesome women who will be speaking and sharing their heart! I have had the pleasure of talking to this sweet southern sister on the phone just a few weeks ago—and she is PRECIOUS! You will love her to pieces!

You are coming right??

Mary Snyder is an author, speaker, wife, mother, blogger, girlfriend, but above all else a follower of Jesus Christ.

Mary’s walk of faith is a path littered with potholes and missteps. She has fallen in the potholes and tripped over her own good deeds, but the blessing is she serves a Grace‐filled and Merciful Savior who loves her and has called her into His service.

Her less‐than‐perfect life is the driving force behind her passion to see women come to a deeper relationship with the Lord. In truth and in love, Mary shares a message of hope, joy, and adventure in Christ Jesus.

With a passion for God’s Holy Word and a commitment to serve Him, Mary shares her heart with groups and connects with women of all ages.

Mary brings her love of all things girly and girlfriends to women’s groups and shares her heart in a message sprinkled with humor and wrapped in God’s Holy truth.*

To find out more about the retreat go to the site!

Bring a group of women! It will be worth the drive!

ON another note….if you have never heard or read Leigh Gray….you’ve GOT to!

I am going to GIVE AWAY one of her books!!! YEAH!!!

The way to enter THIS giveaway? EASY PEAZY!

Thought you’d never ask! Respond to this posting By commenting that you WANT to ENTER for the BOOK! THEN, go to MARY Snyder’s place and comment about the RETREAT!

If you get a chance, go to LEIGH’s SITE and tell her YOU are entering a contest on my page for her “autographed” book! “Loving God, Loving People” YOU will LOVE the book and LOVE Leigh Gray!


I know I probably confused you….but just do it….it’s sort of like a scavenger hunt! Right?? It will be fun! These two girls are so precious! And I really want you to meet Mary! She is giving away a $100 scholarship to the retreat!!!!!

*Taken from Mary’s Blog!

5 thoughts on “Mary Snyder and a New Giveaway!”

  1. Awesome!! I would love the book. I guess I can't enter because I'm already a speaker :). Ok I'm going for it anyway (smile).

    I know that EVERY PERSON who attends is going to be blessed by the BEST and that's JESUS!!!

    Love ya. Heading to Mary and Leigh's site now.

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