Two for the Price of One!

(These feet don’t stink)

Snoring and Stinky Feet

My sister, Aimee told me a little story of when she was working at the hospital (on the baby floor), a woman and her husband was in their room after she had given birth the night before, and when Aimee came on shift she said the whole floor stunk. She said it smelled like “collards cooking”. Everyone was complaining. They couldn’t find the source.

So Aimee set out like a huntin’ dog on a scent. She found the source. Lying on a couch in his wife’s room lay a tuckered out workin’ man—snoring loud enough to wake the dead…and with feet and leather boots stinky enough to kill ’em all over again!

Miss Fix-it found a bag to put said stinky boots in and tied the knot tight. When the wife roused from her sleep—she explained that they were “smelling so bad, it might upset your stomach when your supper gets here.” The sleeping giant of a husband never even skipped a snore. Kept right on sawing the veritable logs.

Well, that was your funny for the day. It was an old story from Aimee’s hospital days…but made me laugh. Maybe it did you too!


Strength from Pain.

Several months ago, I felt a twinge of emotional pain being inflicted from an outside source. I stood there —asking the Lord, why—-“Why would You make me face this? When so much is already going on? Why? Then He said to my heart—“he is having to deal with what he has done. He will have to face his decisions. It may be hard on you…but your strength comes from Me.”

While I fully realize that any strength I have comes from my Father, I also know that I can’t avoid the pain. He gives us strength to endure the pain. Every single kind of pain.

I had to have blood drawn last year for a simple cholesterol check. My regular nurse—the one that KNOWS how difficult it is getting blood from me and HOW TO DO IT WITHOUT KILLING ME had a baby and was not there. So —I got this little chick—who said—“oh it’ll be easy, I’ll just leave the blood pressure cuff on”. Yeah right.

So while the blood pressure cuff is cutting off the circulation to my hand, and sweet young nurse is tapping the inside of my arm to get a vein to pop up and say “here I am—stick me please”….I am thinking of Wanda. And how many times she was poked and prodded. How she endured needle after needle, blood draw after blood draw. Year after year.

She was given strength. To endure the pain. The pain wasn’t removed from her life just because she was a sweet precious child of the Father. But He gave her unimaginable strength to keep going.

That’s what He does for us. As we face trials and problems, situations that just knock us down, the Lord lifts up our weary body, brushes us off, cleans us up….sometimes even has to do a little “garment repair”—when we act out of character for our calling. I have had garment repair. In years past, my mouth got me in a world of trouble. WHEN I am not careful it still does.

So with caution I stand. Willing—unsure of my ability, but very sure of His ability.

Your strength and my strength, comes from Him. Yes, you may have to endure the pain of the drawing of blood….but He will strengthen your soul. He strengthens my soul.

Bless the Lord,
O my soul,
and all that is within me;
Bless His Holy Name!


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9 responses to “Two for the Price of One!

  • Beth in NC

    The stinky feet story — ick. I am sooooo thankful my husband doesn't have stinky feet! My daddy did, but thankfully my sweet hard working husband does NOT. Yay!

    So true about God giving us strength.

    Have a great evening,

  • Karen

    Amen…we can be VERY SURE of His ability…

    Loved what you wrote “It may be hard on you…but your strength comes from Me.” Our precious Lord has told me this very thing, too. And every time I accept this truth…that's when true peace comes rushing in and stills my hammering heart….

    Great post!


    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  • Paula (SweetPea)

    Funny story. Nothing worse than stinky feet. My step dad has them bad or did when I lived at home. I think still does.

    Yes, God sure does give us strength. Because I know this, I believe He is giving me strength even when I don't even feel His strength. I imagine I would feel even so much worse and beaten over trials if He weren't holding me up. You know what I'm say? I don't. just teasing. I mean to say, that sometimes we may not even recognize that it is His strength holding us. We feel so bad it feels we have no strength but yet if His strength were removed, we'd really feel how hard it is. I hope I'm making sense. I just know it doesn't FEEL like I have His strength or presence.
    I like your blog layout…new header of the two of you and new quote.

  • Beth.. One Blessed Nana

    Bless HIs Holy Name!! He indeed is our strength and all we have comes from our relationship with Him.

    Enjoyed this today.

  • elaine @ peace for the journey

    Praise God for his abiding presence that strengthens us in our time of need. When I see the profound suffering of others, I often wonder why I complain so much.

    Great reminder, Angie.


  • LisaShaw

    Beautiful reminder — it's about His ability and strength not our own.

    Stinky feet story made me smile. I'm thankful not to have to deal with that. O my.

    I love ya. Counting down the days to Saturday YEAH!!!

  • Technonana

    WHAT A BLESSING YOU ARE MY SWEET SISTA!! Strong words from a strong heart.. the heart of God!!
    His strength is made perfect in weakness!!

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