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Scooter and Max

Y’all. I have never—ever —ever in my life seen a man so taken with a critter. He decided when he saw it. Love at first sight. Then calls me. “Go see! Go see!” (says he). I went. I saw. I was licked on the chinny chin-chin. And in the heart.

After much discussion. Many phone calls (while I am trying to WORK for crying out loud)…we have a new baby. Another boy.

Believe it or not…the yellow lab is mine. The patio furniture chewin’, shoe gnawin’, stick eatin’, fish catchin’ yellow bundle of energy and love is mine.

The white fur ball of squeaky noise, howl when the light is turned out and his cage door shuts, follow your every step, under your feet, can’t read your bible for him pulling your pajama leg, bundle of sweet love, is Jeff’s.

Go figure.

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