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Bloggers Retreat Commercial!

Excuse our corny-country commercial…but the point is “get yourself ready” for the Bloggers Retreat 2009!

Girls, I know by now you may have had to run to the potty —or you may have had an accident. Trust me. Aimee is the funniest sister and friend to be around—I am so blessed!

We are going to have a blast of a good time! I need y’all to pray though. ~~~ If Aimee tries to take that big suitcase full of shoes to the retreat…she will be late for EVERY SINGLE class! (She has a difficult time making up her mind!)

If you are having trouble deciding on whether or not to pinch the pennies to come—grab some girfriends, make it a road trip!

Aimee and I forked over 5 times the amount (remember I sold furniture to go) to attend the She Speaks last year! I LOVED the She Speaks! I promise you will have a good time here! Worshiping, learning, fellowshipping, singing, eating, praying, praising, and on and on! You’ll make some new friends—and get to visit in REAL LIFE with your blogging sistas!!

We look forward to seeing you in October! Register now for the early bird special!!! It ends July 1!!! ($25 off !!!)



Not from the Jeffersons….but from our house.

This beautiful girl is a miracle~the LORD kept her safe when she was in a near fatal accident years ago and she is working hard for HIM and following HIS path!

She will (I hope) one day share her heart about that near death experience! I know GOD sent a host of angels to watch over my baby!

By the way, our oldest daughter, Tiffany, is working on starting up a blog too!

But for today, head over to Weezie’s place! Called 2 Worship! I’m not sending you because she said something sweet about me…(although she did), I am sending you because she is so sweet—and filled with godly wisdom–even though she is young, there is wisdom there already.

ONE MORE “by the way”—she has some mighty handsome boys… 🙂 Of course, I am partial…since they’re mine 🙂


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Standing in His Peace

This morning, the sweetest words uttered to me were, “I stood in for you.”

It was a mid-morning call from my husband as he was asking me “how is the morning going?” He had stood in for me at the men’s weekly (every Tuesday) 6:00 a.m. prayer time. He was prayed over in my place.

For the rest of the story…click on the link!


If I Can Help ONE…

Y’all are the coolest bunch!

I tell you—I wanted to reach through the computer and hug every last one of you that offered some AWESOME advice!

Did YOU know there is a “saliva” test that can tell you levels of your hormones, adrenal levels, thyroid and cortisol levels and more stuff than I dreamed possible? It is a test that spans a 24 hour period. Supposedly safe…but really. How SAFE can it be when you are to abstain from chocolate, caffeine, broccoli, cabbage, mouthwash, antacids, other various green leafy vegetables, caffeine, chocolate, etc.

Did I mention no caffeine….or chocolate which has caffeine?? And all you have to do is spit in a little vial…at 4 intervals during the day…fasting the morning meal…and no coffee…or chocolate…oh, sorry. I said that already.

I never believed I’d be sharing all this…but if I can help ONE person—the way you have ALL helped me—then I will have done something!

I cleaned house on Saturday….but seemed to have to constantly give myself a “pep-talk” to get through it…actually, Babbie Mason, and several choir C.D.’s seemed to help with momentum!

I helped Jeff on Sunday get some last minute (which lasted all day) things ready for District Council/Camp Meeting which started Sunday night….and let me just say…I am exhausted from this weekend of “work”! But God is good! All the time! Even when I am so exhausted my prayer is done “flat out” on the bed!

Monday rolled in with a ….well, let’s just say it rolled in. The early morning trip to the doctors office to pick-up said “kit” for testing…and then on to the office.

I have decided one thing. I don’t have hot flashes…I have a fever. Sometimes several fevers in one day. Many times during the night. Fevers can cause sweating, flushed face, nausea, exhaustion—and tiredness….see…I have fevers.

Case closed.

I’ll let you know what the doctor orders. 🙂


Not a Spiritual Post

If you have come here today, hoping for something spiritually uplifting…

Then you might want to stop right here and click over on my side bar for a “friend”…they are more spiritual I am sure right now. Sofa from HomePlaceFurniture 307

Today’s talk will be “hormones”.

Yup! You heard right.

So if you are of the “dude” gender, then you might want to go somewhere else. You will NOT find this interesting, UNLESS of course you want to try and understand your wife a bit better or know when to GET OUT of the house.

For the last –oh, I’m not even sure I can remember WHEN it started—but lets just say it’s been MONTHS…when I lay me down to sleep….I’m not guaranteed it will last.

Actually, many times, morning comes in the middle of the night.

Have you ever heard of that? Has it happened to you? Well, all too often it’s been happening to me. I go to sleep for about 2 hours, and then, wide awake.

I toss and turn for the next few hours, and right before it’s time to get up, I fall asleep. Sleeping the last hour before the alarm goes off, I find I am tired, sore (as in run over by a Mack Truck), GROUCHY and teary. ALL at the same time. ALL DAY LONG.

Anybody feeling it? I find myself giving my co-workers morning warning notices like, “I am hormonal today —stay far away.” Or, “if you want it done, you’d best do it yourself”….or, “sob, sob, sob, “no, I’m okay,… honest.”

I have only exaggerated a little bit. I work with a good bunch of people. ALL the girls have issues. We deal with them as they arise. AND they only arise on days that end in “y”. So we’re good. Right?

The LORD blesses me daily (my spiritual input for this post) and I thank HIM continually—and WE DISCUSS my problems (since He’s really the only One WHO can help)….and HE’s working on me…really.

A note to any man who was loony brave enough to stay here and read,

if your wife is experiencing this or any other wierd symptom of “hormonal fluctuations, pray for her. Not only when you are NOT with her, but when you are with her.

The best gift my husband gives me is he prays over me daily. This started a few months ago—and it has helped me so much…I really wonder what I’d be like if he didn’t!

Second, give her a night for relaxing out. LOOK IN HER EYES when you are at a restaurant—listen with your heart —that will help her sleep better 🙂

Third, if she’s not sleeping, let her rest in on Saturday. If you have a house full of kids or just one, give her an extra hour. Then bring her some coffee, and whatever little breakfast she enjoys! THIS will not only help her—it will help YOU in the LONG RUN. Understand my meaning??

Jeff is the BEST pancake chef! He makes awesome pancakes and coffee (he’s mine—don’t even think about it!)

Another sweet gesture, one that Jeff did for me during a very stressful time, he had the bath tub filled with HOT HOT water (just like I enjoy) and bubbles waiting for me when I walked in the door. I had called him (as I normally do) on my way home and he timed it just right. I had a long hot relaxing bath and then I rested so much better.

IF she is a reader—take her to her favorite book store and you sit and drink coffee and eat a cookie with her while she enjoys browsing the bookshelves…if she likes shoes, treat her to a new pair of flip-flops! Surprise her (Jeff surprised me with a trip to the flip-flop store last year!) Find out what size she wears and get some simple sandals—flip-flops are EASY!

This conversation will be continued. AND if you are having similar difficulties…wanna share??MotherSister Retreat 2008 017

I hope you have a blessed weekend…I will try and get some rest…but that is iffy. I really want to hear some honest feed back.

Trusting and believing

(BUT still hormonal)


Bloggers RETREAT NEWS!!!!

If you are like me—you LOVE getting to meet up with friends that you haven’t seen in a while and catch up on the happenings of their lives—and what the LORD is doing in their heart—what their passion is all about—and you love to hear their voices when they are EXCITED about what they are sharing!

Well, have I got some treats for you:

The bloggers Retreat info is up at the new site! Go here to read the details! We’ve already been getting registration info in and we are PUMPED!

    One of the seven speakers is a dear woman of EXTREME faith and she is going to share a little bit on a VIDEO blog about her passion for Jesus and her excitement about the coming retreat! I cannot wait to hug her neck! She is a true sister of faith! Be sure you visit Lisa Shaw!
    I KNOW without a doubt this will be one major life changing event—We are praying, believing and fighting off the enemy of our lives all at the same time! The praying IS happening –but the fighting can be tough, but we are holding up one another and the LORD is hearing and answering! WITH strength-power-passion to continue on!
    FINALLY, Marsha-of Marsha’s Musings is having a blast off give-away for the RETREAT! It’s a writing contest and it will be GREAT fun! Be sure you visit her and read the directions carefully so you can enter to win!!
    I encourage each of you to visit these ladies—and pray about the retreat—if you would like to come —seek HIM for the way! Last year—I knew there was NO possible way outside a miracle for me to attend the She Speaks Conference—and the registration fees were almost $500 last year—BUT I REALLY felt the LORD lead me in that direction—and although I had no money to go—I prayed—and sought His divine will and plan.

    In just a few days the thought came to me—“sell that “chippendale sofa” and those two sweet chairs! That will be your “way”.

    Girls, I loved my little chippendale sofa—it was from the Hickroy Hill Furniture company! Even though I bought it second hand…I LOVED it. Sure no one was allowed to sit on it….except “company”….sure I got upset when the boys jumped on it!—but sell it???? ARE YOU SURE LORD???

    I mean—I really want to go…but are you sure this is the ‘way’ to get there?
    Yes. He was sure.
    If you can possible ignore the absolutely adorable chubby boy and look at the pretty sofa…very prissy sofa—but no one enjoyed it—except maybe me on a Sunday afternoon…for a nap.
    So, I apologized for questioning HIM and sold the sofa and chairs –lickety-split…for the exact amount for registration. Yes, I could have gotten more for all of it—Sofa, 2 Chairs, and one really awesome burl-wood top antique table with pretty pull-out trays for your tea cup….yeah. I know. But hey, that’s what He said and that’s what I did. No more than that.
    What I got in return was the most incredible two days of my life! Aimee and I went together and we had the best time—meeting some terrific women—following the same path—worshiping together in one place—and learning A LOT about writing (although most days you can’t tell) and speaking—and THAT is something YOU REALLY can’t tell about! ‘Cuz—I ain’t called to speak! 🙂

    So—I blabbered on just to encourage you to try and join us…I know that the LORD will meet us here–I know He has plans already in motion for this event! He has already worked miracle after miracle just getting this all going!
    I hope to see you there! (Here)