Friday-I’m at the Cafe`

I completely forgot to tell you ahead of time where I’d be today!

Several years ago, a little girl friend of our oldest daughter was driving home from work…with her mind in the clouds, or rather, on something else….

Come on over with your cup in hand and read the REST of the story…”Follow Me”…


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2 responses to “Friday-I’m at the Cafe`

  • Amy

    I read your blogpost over at “Internet Cafe!” What a wonderful website that is…all the neat blogs from different gals!

    Your’s was excellent. Glad to hear that your husband shared his testimony. I, too, have done mine (several times, in fact), as well as heard others. Isn’t it so neat what we learn both from giving our own and hearing others? Papa Jesus Holy Spirit has such great opportunities to breathe and speak through them, as we share our trials, sorrows, yet the things He walks us through, the healing, learning, growing. It all reflects His beautiful character of Love.

    ~Amy 🙂

  • Denise

    I enjoyed your post at the cafe sweetie.

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