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Mother’s Day Memories *Updated*

We are all about “mothers”.

I am one. I have one and so does Jeff. Both mom’s are spectacular! I told mine so just tonight. And she replies—“oh shush–I am not.”

But she is. And Luna, Jeff’s mom is too. I am so thankful for the childhood that I was blessed with. I realize that many children are not as blessed. I realized this even more as I grew up. Have I finished growing up yet?

On a young birthday, maybe 6 or 7, when we lived in Clermont, Florida, mother made me a special birthday cake. It had blue icing—I ate some icing on the sly—AND on the cake…needless to say—it was a LONG time before I wanted any cake icing…

I remember, as we grew up, mother up late very often —since she was the sole provider for 4 kids, she had her full time job, a part time job at the church, as well as keeping house, cooking, cleaning, and teaching and training 4 youngsters! What a job that must have been!

On special occasions when it called for a new dress or outfit, you’d find her sewing away on her machine in her room completing 3 dresses for 3 little girls, and many times a little boy pair of shorts to match our dresses! I remember more than once she made little Jeff (our baby brother) a whole suit! One Easter it was light blue jacket and matching shorts! HE was so cute!

I remember many sacrifices she made for us–and she never complained to us about not having this or that, she TRUSTED God to meet the needs of her little family. He always did. He still does.

I learned from her example, as well as the godly examples of both my grandmothers. Mamo and Granny. Lois and Vera Mae. They had an unshakeable faith in Jesus Christ and they passed this faith and trust in the Almighty God onto their family members. Some chose to follow, some not. Still the path was set. They did not waiver.

I remember cooking with both Mamo and Granny. I will share many “grand-mother memories” on a later post! But both were AWESOME women! One a mighty prayer warrior—the other a mighty fishing-woman! But dedicated to Jesus Christ all the way to the end of their days. And what a journey it was!

I hope you can join us this weekend and share some special memories of your childhood, whether the memory is about your own mother, or someone that had a great influence on your life. If you’ve got some pictures —past or present–put them on! Let us visit together—we’re pulling out the scrapbooks…bad hair days and all! Be sure and link back to here so that we can visit around and spread the mother’s day cheer! You can grab the special mother’s day button on the side bar and display it for your “Mother’s Day” memories!

I have combined pictures of the past few years of special moms in my life. Some friends…some family. If you aren’t pictured —either I don’t have your picture…or…OR…it’s not on this computer the day I made this! (I apologize for being in more than one picture…I am in the company of some awesome women and I just left the photo as it was for memories sake!)



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Jeff’s post will be added this weekend! He will be writing about his mom!