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Yard Sale Ideas!

ON SATURDAYSummerDriggs_AngelMother_Folder3
Aimee and I had a yard sale!  It was great fun—hot—tiring—but fun. We were able to clean out some clutter, make a few dollars for a retreat project and share some sweet treats along the way!

Aimee made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies…and I made some red velvet cake balls.  Yeah, I know.  I’ve made them before—but these are so good!

We had them bagged up in cute bags, had some water and soft drinks on ice, and when the “shoppers” felt that they didn’t need any “stuff”, they bought sweet treats!
Another idea, if you are a blogger, or have a ministry you are focusing on, as in raising money for, have some cards made up (you can do that on the computer!) and pass them out.  It is a great way to witness and who knows, someone’s life may be touched, just from a silly old yard sale!
BEST IDEA, make SURE you have some comfy fold up chairs for your tired rear-ends to rest in the shade! Bring an umbrella (large one) if you have no trees nearby to park thyself!
Wear a handy-dandy money changing apron.  Aimee bought me one last year at a craft show and it is made from old jeans and some cute lavender fabric for pockets.  If all else fails, go to your local (homegrown) hardware store and ask for a nail apron! They have ROOMY pockets and long ties! (You will look oh so cute!)
LARGE pockets are necessary to hold all that money you will make—a calculator, some gum, pen for marking prices you forgot, extra price stickers (we bought colored dot stickers) and germ-x wipes. Yes.

Well, that’s all the time we have today! I’ve shared some yard-sale secrets—oh, one more thing, Smile! Big!  Share the love of the Lord!  You never know what condition they left their house or heart in—it will bless them, and you!

Love y’all!
Angie and Aimee