Daily Archives: May 21, 2009

Coming This June…to a computer near you!

Let me share with you some awesome stuff!  The new online conference hosted by “A Woman Inspired” is coming up June 8th – 11th!

Y’all—this is affordable.  We are talking the price of just a few happy meals!  Get those kids some fries and listen in –as an awesome group of women share ministry experiences, life, love and passion for Jesus Christ!

God will show up! I experienced the absolute BEST work week I’ve ever had the week of the previous conference!  I had my little “ear buds” popped in my ears, and I typed my heart out at work, while being blessed by some awesome women motivated for Jesus!

 Leigh Gray is back…and she will thrill you with her heart to serve! 

Also joining this time is Mary Snyder! She is also our keynote speaker for the Bloggers Retreat in October! WOW!  There are several women speaking from their hearts and you will love each and every one!

I truly hope to “see” you there! (There is a really cool chat room where we IM back and forth!)

Blessings on ya!