Open Wide!


Little lives, new to this world. Instinctively they know how to receive nourishment. Open wide their mouths.

The mouths open wide at the first sound of the approaching mother. The one who feeds. Only it’s not their mother who comes in to inspect the nest. Rather, an interested party. Just checking the progress of the eggs. Wanting a picture of the speckled blue before they each crack open with life.

The lid is closed back, no disturbances made–for the inspector is a mother as well. The mouths remain open for a bit I imagine, each with a hunger they can’t quite explain. An automatic reflex if you will. The feathers will arrive shortly. Very possibly in a matter of days. They will take on the look of their mother. Feathered in soft down, but soon the more sturdy feather covering of the little blue jay.

Open wide your hearts! To the new believer in Christ–there is a hunger to learn. To know Him. To capture the very breath of Christ Jesus in their own lungs and breath it in! To the newly born child of God there is an urgency to capture all that can be retained for future use. The knowledge of Him is akin to that hungry babe as he searches out for his first meal from his own mother.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matthew 5:6 NIV

He fills the hungry…the open heart He will fill.

A question asked in the book, “Spiritual Direction” by Henri Nouwen is “How is your prayer life? How are you making space in your life for God to speak?”

Have you ever stopped to think He needs “space”? I assure you, He does. Give it freely–liberally. Don’t make Him have to draw your attention to your need of Him in your life…go to Him today!

Take Him your hungry heart and life. He will feed you!


Photo credit: Lisa R. McGriff (her backyard blue jay house)

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