5 thoughts on “For all the Prodigals Out There”

  1. Anige~Thank-you…for this post. Although I may not be a prodigal in the sense of running…but none the less, I’m a prodigal who at times (like today) I find myself on the gorund, not sure of HIS direction.Each time I find myself in this position, it doesn’t take long for me to look up, and see HIM running towards me. It in this moment, I once again, find the strength to rise to my feet….a RUN…run with ALL my strength…. to him. I needed this message today friend!!! Thanks, for being faithful to our Father, and posting it.

  2. I love that song. Unfortunately, youtube was cutting in and out so it kind of took away from the opportunity to worship. I’m thinking maybe I should purchase another PCD CD. I’ll have to hunt down which one this song is on and take a look-see.Thanks, Angie.

  3. Oh Angie,I was that self-centered arrogant prodigal… I get choked up just listening to this. He ran to me and I ran to Him and my life was saved. Thank you for sharing this. I have many readers at SUM who are also prodigals. I want to share this with them. Thank you.I always get such great ideas from you. Hugs, Lynn

  4. I came back today to watch this. I saw it yesterday, but just didn’t have the time to watch. Now I’ve watched it twice – with tears streaming down my face. I know my son will come back, may I be that loving parent to receive him back without ‘hitting him over the head’ with how much he’s hurt his family over the past several years. I thought I was past that point until God showed me a glimpse of that selfish, want my own way, ugly side of me last week. My son stepped on my heart yet again last week and I said to my husband, ‘That’s it. It hurts too much. I’m not talking to him anymore. He’ll have to go through you if he wants to talk to me.’ So here I’ve sat, wallowing in self pity for a week now, refusing to pick up the phone and say, “I love you. How are you doing.” Oh Lord, please forgive me!Thank you, dear friend for pointing me back. I have to go. I have a phone call to make.

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