Happy Mother’s Day~

To all the mothers……Happy Mother’s Day.

You may have to cook your own meal…clean up your own kitchen…or you may be treated to a day out! Whatever, and wherever you are…may your day be filled with the presence of the Holy God in heaven.

On Saturday, we celebrated our “mother” with lunch at her house. After lunch we began something that may very well become a tradition in our homes. Mark had purchased balloons for each family member (and we had one special guest, April’s mother-in-law! Welcome Cindy!) to write a note to my sister Wanda and let it loose to the blue sky above. We each wrote notes on the brightly colored balloons and then went outside, and on the count of 1…2…3, we let them soar! (Pictures are below–a few are missing and I am “behind the camera lense”)

She would have celebrated her 5th blessed year as a mom. She is celebrating today with the King who gave her that precious life 5 years ago. Thank you Mark, for the gift of Saturday. It meant more to us than you will ever know.

Just a few hung around in the tall oak tree nearest us, but they soon decided the open sky was the place to be as the wind shifted their course upward. Our course is shifting as well. We are headed in a firm direction. Heavenward.

I missed each of you this past week….but can I tell you I enjoyed the break? I will blog some events of my trip…(spa day girls…need I say more?) I will share pictures and things I talked over with the Lord. Some of the things anyway. I will also catch up on some e-mails at night in between other house chores which you all know too well about!

Have a blessed day ladies. I missed you!

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8 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day~

  • ellen b.

    Happy Mother’s Day Angie!!

  • Chris

    Angie,What a lovely thing to do~~the messages to Wanda.May your Mother’s Day be blessed. You are such a wonderful blessing to us all.May God wrap you in His arms today and fill you full of comfort and peace.Love you!ChrisPS Spa Day? Yay!

  • Denise

    Happy Mothers Day sweetie. I think the messages to Wanda on the balloons was a precious idea, I do that for my momma. I love you.

  • elaine @ peace for the journey

    A perfect way to remember! peace~elaine

  • Denise

    Messages to Wanda……. What a great idea…………can’t you just see her leaning over the edge of heaven trying to read what is written on those balloons!!!!! What a fun family tradition that you have started…… I pray that your day was full of great memories and the remembrance of those that are waiting on the other side …… We have several of sweet souls that are waiting for us……………… Happy Mothers day girl…..

  • Technonana

    Oh, Angie what a beautiful way to celebrate a life!!! I’m glad you were able to take time and rest, and the SPA thing, OH YEAH!!! Missed you too!! Hope you had a great mother’s day!!

  • lori

    Oh….what a guy that Mark must be…what a FABULOUS way to remember Wanda on Mother’s Day….I’ve got tears again….What a blessing….I’m happy to hear that the break was just that…A BREAK! I prayed for you each time I thought of you…and that was often!! You come back up for air now! We missed you too!!hugs,lori

  • lori

    oh, and now that you mention it….there IS a post in HOW TO TEACH YOUR BOYS to CLEAN A TUB…and other helpful information!!;)glad to see your face in the window!!HUGS!!lori

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