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Do you know what a Weezie is?

A Weezie is a sweet girl who loves her mommy. Weezie shares said mommy with Frog Legs. (Their Daddy picked both nick-names and they STUCK)

If my eyes look a bit sad or droopy (they do) we had just released our “Mother’s Day” balloons to the skies for Wanda. I wanted to ride one up and give her a kiss and hug. I couldn’t. But soon. We will leave this earth for the heavenlies. Wow! What a ride that will be!

I shared both days celebrating motherhood with both of my girls. It was a real treat! This sweet girl will soon make me the Nana of 5 little boys. No, only 2 will be hers to claim!

Lori, can you spell “clean the tub quick!” Guess what I was doing 30 minutes before they all gathered at our house? If you guessed cleaning the tub, you win the prize! I knew that at least one little boy, if not all four would be taking a bath at Nana’s before they went home and straight to bed! It is sort of a tradition. If they don’t bring jammies, Nana provides.

My two sweet girls cooked the entire supper on Sunday night, cleaned up the kitchen…completely. Ladies—this was a real treat! I have never felt more honored….and like I was in someone else’s house…with someone else’s family….(kidding). It was incredible! They worked as a team…I played outside with the boys…until they wore me out and then someone else took over! It was the most fun we have had in quite a while.

Wish you all could have been here!

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I did tell ya’ll it was picture sharing week right?

Well, it is. Here Aimee and I are writing our notes to Wanda…..and earlier, I caught this little “clown” not wanting me to take his picture!
That’s his mommy—“Frog Legs”…a.k.a. Tiffany. Janice, you have my permission to tease her about it at church!
I enjoyed my evening with you bunch of sweet ladies. Gloria and I discussed what a sweet spirit of unity there is in your church. Consistently.
You are the body of Christ and you all show it in your hospitality! Thank you for always making me feel welcome~

Papa and Weezie’s Boy

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