Daily Archives: May 18, 2008

Talking among the weeds

Did I say weeds?? Yes I did. You see, on Saturday, Jeff helped me build 3 flower beds. This was my “Mother’s Day” gift. This was all I wanted.

Working in my flower garden has always been wonderful therapy. And I need me some therapy. It’s true. You sweat…which gets out impurities in your body…and you (me) can spend countless hours on your knees weeding, not only unwanted growth from the garden, but unwanted growth from our lives. Unwanted growth. I have a lot of it. AND I NEED TO BE WEEDED!

So, as I was getting an area “grass and weed free” and Jeff was off getting fill dirt for the raised flower bed, I began to talk to the Lord about my current ailment. It’s all about the heart. What my heart is feeling. Or not feeling. What my heart is longing for. And what His purpose is for my life. I began to see some areas that needed attention. As I lay my heart open before Him, He began to pull out the “unwanted growth”.

Then He plants fresh seed. New growth. But it must be watered, tended and fertilized. So that is exactly what we did on Saturday. Then we watered. And I prayed. Now, you may think that is silly. But girls, I have ALWAYS prayed over my flowers, and my little plants and shrubs. I love it when I see the growth take root and flourish! HE loves it when He sees us take root and blossom for Him!

I also did some container planting for my entrance and the patio. I will show you pictures of them later this week. This one picture is from last year’s container planting. I planted, prayed, watered and then one morning as I left the house, my plants at the door seemed to smile with gratitude! I smile with that same gratitude at the wonders and blessings that I see all around me—thankful that my Father “knows what things I have need of before I even ask”. And He sends.

Have a blessed week! Take care of the weeds…before they take over the beauty of the garden in your life!