Family, Fun

On my way….

I hope you all have a very blessed week…I will be viewing this….

I will think of you…but will have no internet…no phones ringing off the hook…and maybe…my eye will stop twitching! Yeah!

Love you all. Sister Janice..if you read this…know that I love and appreciate the faithful women at Sneads A/G… encourage Aimee while I am away…

6 thoughts on “On my way….”

  1. Angie,Have a wonderful, restful, peaceful, refreshing time. I’ve been praying for you. I pray you will find rest for your soul and that He will draw you close. I’ll miss you!

  2. Yeah, I know you aren’t home…just called anyway!! HA!!You made my day with the CALL the other day! Fun to “hear the Knightly News anchor!!!”I hope that you know it’s only Monday…the week lies ahead!!peaceful rest!hugs,lori

  3. LOL! Angie, my eye twitches when I’ve been stressed too!!! It’s miserable! Seriously, I’m glad you’re getting away and I’m sorry that you’re so stressed. Love you, my friend! So get some peace in your heart!

  4. Angie – I am glad that you had the time to get away with your beloved. The view is something that I could use right now – especially no phone – no internet!!!!

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