Someone else is having a giveaway!

Joanne over at “Blessed”, and the winner of the big Laced With Grace giveaway is having a give-away of her own. A new blog design for some “blessed” participant!
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So, whatcha waitin’ for? Get on over there and enter for cryin’ out loud!
I did! (I have a friend I am going to pass it to if I win! Cuz….Miss Amy from Split Decisionz has already fixed my blog to be just gorgeous! Well, that is my opinion!)

5 thoughts on “Someone else is having a giveaway!”

  1. Angie I am fixing to print Tee’s did you get my email? Also you can go to my blog and go to my order tee shirt page and get all the info… You still have time to get one.. I will print next week… Hugs

  2. I love your new blog-design. It is totally you 🙂 I think you are such a cool gal for entering the giveaway for someone else.Be blessed my sweet friend.

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