Thankful for REST

Iris…I am so with you. REST. God ordained. Planned it. Did it Himself. So why in the world do we try and cram so much into our lives that we have absolutely NO TIME FOR REST???

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” ~ Matthew 11:28-30 (ESV)

Well, my first thankful is—for the rest I am about to take. No, not just the fact that I will head off to bed soon…but the rest Jeff and I will take in a couple of weeks. Headed to our favorite place. A borrowed place. But a place of rest nonetheless.

Second…I am thankful for this wonderful group of ladies that I have the honor of sitting with in Bible Study with every Wednesday night. We study Jesus. Applying Him to every aspect of our lives. From our hearts to our homes.

The young lady standing on the end is our awesome pastor’s wife. What a precious leader! I am standing on a chair—trying to get the whole group in. We had a few missing tonight…but for the most part, this is our great group of Sisters-in-Christ!

Third….well, I tell you what. You just scroll on down, read the rest of the blogs on this page, then visit the sites I have on my sidebar—and you will find more reasons I am thankful. The group of women that I blog with, write devotions with, chat with online and via e-mail are such blessings. They take me as I am. Blundering, blubbering, stumbling Angie.

I am thankful for what the Lord is doing in my heart and life. Yes, it is painful. Extractions are that way. Sometimes we get Novocaine….and sometimes not. But the point is to get out the “cavity”….the very thing that will cause the whole tooth to rot. Do you have something that needs extracting? Take it to Him. It is much less painful if you willingly hand it over and lay it on the altar…than it will be if He has to pull it from you.

Okay. I’m done. Not with being thankful. But I’m ready to head for that rest I was speaking of earlier.

Iris keeps us going—THIS is the highlight of my week! Even Jeff asks me “have you done your thankful Thursday?”….. Visit Iris—Go read more thankful hearts—-and then rest…in HIM.

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13 responses to “Thankful for REST

  • Denise

    Such a nice post, enjoyed it my friend. I am so glad that you, and Jeff are going on a trip, you deserve the rest and relaxation. I love you.

  • Shari

    That’s a neat bunch of ladies wanting to grow closer to Jesus. I’m glad you have the opportunity to study the Bible with them.

  • lori

    I would never use “blubbering, blundering” to EVER describe YOU!! You are inspiring and FAITHFUL and one mean tub scrubber! HA, made you LAUGH!!You need the REST….there is peace in rest…you know that I’m praying for you daily…you are just simply…THE BEST!hugs,big ol’ hugs!lori

  • Susie

    Wonderful Thankful Thursday post! I am so thankful for the blogging friends I have made too! BTW- I love your site and the look of it!

  • Tänia

    Thank you for your sweet TT post! Have a blessed week!Tänia at

  • Darlene

    Great list of thanks! Glad you are getting away. Enjoy your weekend!Blessings my friend

  • Melanie

    How fortunate you are to have a wonderful group of women to share with in studying God’s Word!Enjoy your time of rest!

  • Lynn

    Hi Ang,Wonderful post and girl. Hope you are finding rest because between now and June 21st you and I are likely to get enough. Love you.

  • Marsha

    You deserve rest, my friend. Just lean and into our Father’s breast and breathe deeply. Let the rhythm of His heart beating I love you thrill your soul and refresh you.

  • Denise

    I did not get my TT list up today but I did get outside yesterday and worked for 4 hours!!!!! Not much pain……….and I watched my little 88 year old Mom watering her new garden!!!!! That was a treat!!!!!!! I will post pictures this weekend…….. and Jesus went with me and He watched while I dug in the dirt……. I wish that He would have told me how to grow a better crop of monkey grass………Maybe He will next time we head out into the yard………. You are a blessing!!

  • elaine @ peace for the journey

    My Tuesday night Bible study group mean everything to me. We are on hiatus for the time being. Always good to have a break…it allows me to delve into some other studies and feed my soul.peace~elaine

  • eph2810

    You always make me smile and giggle when I read your Thankful posts 🙂 I am thrilled what the Lord has done with our Thankful Thursday community. It is amazing 🙂You know – you are right – our Lord took rest too. He often went into the mountains to rest and get refreshed by our Heavenly Father. We need to take rest sometimes – especially get refreshed by Him. I am glad that you and Jeff are able to get aways for two weeks.Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.Be blessed today and always…PS: Please enter my name into the book drawing.

  • Busy Grandma Elsie

    Aw you make me homesick for my S.S.class. I help teach a womens class & its about the size of your WED. class.I will get home late Saturdady night but am so looking forward to being back Sunday .
    ITs good ,yes, to get rest & did enjoy your article today. I pray for a safe and peaceful trip . God Bless .
    Elsie <><

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