I have been blessed…incredibly by the Lord…by family in my life. AND friends. Friends who “feel” like family.

Some of these precious friends are even like sisters. Some of these sisters, I have never laid eyes on in person, but still, they are near and dear to my heart. Since I can’t run out and buy everyone a present…although I would LOVE to!—-Instead I give you a little “award”. Even though I don’t display awards on my blog (because it’s all about HIM and not me) I do enjoy giving them.

So without further ado….the “Sisters-of-Faith” award goes to:

Denise of Shortybears Place. Have you ever posted anything that Denise didn’t visit and make a kind comment on? I don’t think so. She takes time to visit EVERYONE and showers them with the love of Christ. I have been the blessed recipient of those blessings.

Lynn of Spiritually Unequal Marriage. I can’t tell you how much I have pestered her with woes and crisis. She has prayed and loved. The blessing of that is indescribable. A call to her location has picked my weary heart up on more than one occasion. The best one…was on my drive home. I am so glad you were home that day.

Iris of Sting my Heart. Without Thankful Thursday where would we be? We would certainly not be thinking of as many Thankful thoughts. She was the first one who befriended me here in blogland. She made me feel right at home with her heart for Christ. I have poured a few problems into her lap as well.

Laurel of Laurel Wreath Reflections. She has been there. She has listened. Encouraged. Prayed. And Loved. We have been like kids—passing notes in class—she sends me just the right “funny” on just the day I need it! (I try to make her laugh too—hopefully I spread some of that joy back!)

Chris of Chris Kerr Jewelry. I bought a pair of precious earrings. The blessing went further. They had a cross stamped on them–I soon got a necklace to match. I wore these everyday while we were praying for Wanda. While we were in the hospital, at home, at church, at work. I think people began to believe I only had one pair of earrings and one necklace. But there was a message in the set. There was a lot of love that went into the creation process. AND there was prayers behind each movement of the making. I have almost rubbed the word “pray” from the necklace. It was something tangible when my heart was needing a shoulder so bad. I felt the connection I so desperately needed those days.

Vicki of Windows to my Soul. Vicki is a born encourager. A lifter of heart. Her words embrace me when I visit. I have never left there the same. Always a fresh new thought or outlook. She has taught me so much. I felt the connection the first time I “walked through” and saw the breeze blowing the curtains back.

Lori of All You Have to Give. A sister-at-heart. Someone who I have never met…yet we have much in common. From needing kleenex—(thank you) to cleaning bathtubs…girl–you are a great source of help in this child’s need. I outnumber you in years…but you have wisdom beyond your own. You have no idea what you mean to me.

Elaine of Peace for the Journey. Elaine is a blessed new friend. Although I am just getting to know her, and she, me (probably very bad grammar—but I am not concerned today! ;), I have found much encouragment in her words—faith abounding from her heart—and a wealth of wisdom on her blog.

There are so many others that bless me, Jennifer, Marsha, Robin, Darnelle, Sarah, Tiffany, and Linda….girls, you are awesome to me. Each one of you picked up my crushed heart when Wanda left this life for the “real life”. You have prayed for me, loved on me, and visited me in many different ways. Thank you. Each visit to your site gives me such a lift of my head—you have all stepped in —and in your unique ways have filled a gap in my life. You have become sisters-in-my-heart. This child is grateful. I love you all.

Each of you are talented—sweet of spirit—and a blessing to every soul that lands on your bloggity doorstep. Keep the faith. Keep the message going. So that others will know Him.

This little award is actually the design from the T-Shirts that I had made to benefit BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge) in Wanda’s memory. So this award has a bit of her as well. Her favorite verse, her favorite color and our Sisters of Faith logo.

Keep going for Him sisters!

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11 responses to “Friends-in-life….Sisters-in-Christ

  • Chris

    Awww Angie! You bless me so much! I’m honored to be considered one of your friends…one of your sisters in Christ. Bless you, my sweet gal. You are such a blessing to me and everyone else who knows you…

  • elaine @ peace for the journey

    You humble me with your words. I couldn’t have known…even 3 months ago…that blogging would nourish my soul in a way that I haven’t been nourished in years! You have been faithful to read my thoughts, and even more faithful in your witness of Christ with every word you write. It is my joy and privilege to be yoked alongside of you in this season of our lives. May God continue to bless you with a special portion of his wisdom, his love, and his abiding presence as these days of promise unfold. Keep to the fire, dear one. Keep to his flames of purifying power and love. He’s after a masterpiece in your life and mine!peace~elaine

  • Marsha

    Oh, Sweet Angie! Thank you for your kind words. I feel the same way about you. You walked through those bleak weeks of civil unrest in Kenya with me, lifting up my daughter, son in love and 3 sweet grandbabes. You prayed with fervor and steadfastness. I am truly grateful the Lord has seen fit to give me you as a Sister of Faith and of the Heart!I posted a poem on my blog this evening. You are one of the folks I thought of that’s going through a changing of the seasons in your life. God speaks to us throughout all the seasons, listen closely.I love you!

  • Denise

    You have, once again, blessed me beyond measure. I appreciate you more than words could ever say. Being your friend, is a precious gift from God. I will forever treasure this award. It is so awesome to know that it is also a part of Wanda. Thank you my sweet, forever friend. I love you.

  • lori

    oh girl….could I have the kleenex back….I had no idea that there would be ladies out there who would give me so much in encouragement, inspiration and wisdom…and you are at the TOP of that list….I have to believe that this all PLEASES GOD….who asks us only to love one another, no specifications on whether we have “actually” met or not….Wanda left her mark on her little corner of the world and outward it goes…the blessing today is mine…thank you…for the gift that is YOU…now, don’t you have a TUB to clean??love you!lori

  • Laurel Wreath

    I am speechless and honored. I am going to put that on my side bar:1. Because I love the verse.2. In remembrance of your sister. THANK YOU SO MUCH girlfriend.

  • Tiffany Stuart

    Angie, this is so like you to take time to honor and encourage others. Even in your darkest hour, you give to others. I am humbled and touched by your love in this award post. I feel the same way about so many of these sisters too. May God continue to shower you with his love and grace. I love you, sister!

  • eph2810

    Oh girl – thank you so much for the honor. I don’t know why, but as I was reading through this post – tears came to my eyes. I think it is so precious that the Lord is bringing together women that need encouragement during the week – that are there for each other – not even knowing them. We laugh, we cry and we are concerned about each other. You don’t know how often a name from ‘bloggy-land’ popps in my head and I start praying…Thank you again, Angie – you are a sweet spirit yourself 🙂

  • darnelle

    Well Angie, I should know by now that when I open one of your emails, I need to reach for the tissue first. It seems strange to be thanked BY you when actually, I am so thankful FOR you, Girl. Your absolute transparent faith, especially as you walked through the valley with Wanda, moved me to new places with God. All I can conclude is that THIS is what He meant relationships to be like – each person is made better and stronger because of it. Thank you for the heartfelt words. (The best part is that I have a T-shirt and books to help me think of how special you are all the time!) YOU, are one of a kind dear!love and plenty of hugs!Darnelle

  • Lynn

    Oh Angie,You and I are connected in a very special way. Your family is my family. I love them as much as I love you.I am humbled by your words. You are the one who encourages me in so many, many ways.Thank you for thinking of me and girl,I love talking with you. Love you,

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