Monday Surprises

The blessings of the Lord are innumerable in my life….yes, despite everything that comes against us…we can find joy and peace and happiness when we stop looking at the circumstances and start looking at the Giver of Life.

It’s a daily process. We are bombarded daily, but daily we give it over to Him.

This little sweet doll had an ear infection….but the good thing about that is he got to see his Nana after his doctor visit.

Having a friend with a camera handy at all times is a blessing as well!

Cy is making a face because his daddy is holding his cup of “goldfish”…and Cy wants them back!

I hope your Monday was good. Here we are on Tuesday…keep trusting, keep believing, keep praying.

I was up late LATE last night after prayer, writing my post for Laced with Grace. I am taking a short break until July. Many things going on… they are with each of you!

Now, don’t forget the give-away….if you don’t remember what it is….scroll down a bit….it’ll all come back to you! And stayed tuned tomorrow….for “Faith for the Prodigal”.

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