Misunderstood Women- by Aimee Douglas

“I didn’t mean it like that!” Have these words ever come out of your mouth? A few days ago I said something to my teenage son that he misunderstood. This is not hard to do since teenagers have a newly defined vocabulary, such as: when I say something is bad, I mean it is bad. Their definition of bad is “cool.” It can get rather confusing, for instance the word wicked means evil, not in their vocab, it means “awesome.” I give up- how can they do this, did Webster give them permission to do this? Oops, I chased a rabbit. Can you do this Angie? You know I’m still new to blogging. I kinda got on a soap box. I’m off now standing flat footed again.

Anyway, my son misunderstood something I said, he was mad at me, but when I explained what I was thinking as I said it, he understood. Well, let me tell you something, come closer to the screen because I want to make sure you don’t misunderstand me. I want to crack the devil’s egg and show you exactly what’s on the inside, and it is a rotten yolk! The devil loves to play on words- and put thoughts in our minds and cause us to doubt other’s good intentions. I’ve been thinking about a few in the Bible:
Job’s wife- I believe she was a misunderstood woman. Read it in Job 2:8-10. She said “Curse God and die”. What woman in her right mind would want to lose her husband, on top of all that had just happened to them, and would say, “Well hon, while you still have respect, just curse God and die.”

What I see is a man sitting down, rolling in self-pity because he practically lost all he had (she lost children and home and wealth right along with him), and now he was sick with boils all over and sits down in ashes and scrapes his sores with broken pottery. Maybe she might have said this to pull him out of his self-pity, by using a little reverse psychology– for it to be “his” idea- that God is faithful and is trustworthy and uses all things for His glory if we let Him, even if things are going bad.
Speaking of which, let me share something I read from my Sunday School lesson: “Difficulties often leave people feeling hopeless. But as believers, we know that God is always working in, through, and even in spite of our circumstances to bring about His will. Although He allows us to encounter problems, He doesn’t expect us to face them alone.”

Just like Job, we all face circumstances; maybe not to the degree of Job, but it still hurts! Well, I think Jobs wife knew he was hurting, not only physically but emotionally as well and she had to help him fast! She didn’t want to lose him too! (My opinion only.) Because in the next verse he told her she was speaking foolishly. She had heard him whine– (cause men do this when they are sick), until she made that remark. Sure, it may have been sarcastic, but what if she said- “You poor thing, you sure have it bad.” That would have made him wallow more in his self-pity. Perhaps she was only trying to pull him back up to see God was still God and He is worth trusting!

Another misunderstood woman was Eve. There she was listening to the serpent tell her she would be wiser and she wouldn’t die if she ate of the fruit on the tree. The Bible says in Genesis 3:6, that she ate of the fruit and her husband that was “with her”, ate of it as well. Now in Genesis 2:16-17, God commanded the man not to eat. The woman wasn’t even created yet until verse 22. He stood right there with Eve, partaking of the fruit, and let that juicy fruit slide right down past his heart to his belly. (I imagine he had an upset stomach after that!) Now who takes the heat? You are right the woman. She ate, but so did her husband. What if he didn’t eat it? What if he stood his ground, had the spiritual discernment, and being the priest of his home, said to Eve, “It’s a trick don’t eat it!” We might not be in the mess we are in today. We might be living in that perfect garden today! Oh well, it is done now, no need in crying “over spilt milk–or chewed fruit.” However if we keep the faith, one day we will get to go to a place that is perfect and live with Christ for eternity. It will all be worth it- every trial, every mountain, every valley.

Lastly, I want to share the woman that came to mind today to finish this post and it is found in John 12. Mary had a costly ointment, and she anointed Jesus’ feet with it and wiped his feet with her hair. Now there was some at this gathering that misunderstood her intentions. Maybe she didn’t fully understand her own intentions. Maybe her intentions were just to show her love and gratitude to her precious Savior. She felt He was worthy- He is worthy. She didn’t realize that she was performing the acts of service for His burial. She was giving the very best that she had for Him. Time spent pouring your life out for Jesus is not wasted. Some may misunderstand your intentions. Some may judge you for all that you do for the Lord. Some may ridicule you or persecute you for His name sake. Some may even try and intimidate you to cause you to lose hope, have doubt about your worth, or about what you sacrifice for Him. But rest assured sister-in-Christ, one day it will all be worth it!
Sorry it has taken me so long with this….we have just been so incredibly busy in our work for the Lord! But I have thought about you all so much and have been rolling this post over in my mind for weeks. These thoughts are just my ideas—-of how I feel these women might have been misunderstood…you know, just like you and me.

Ya’ll come back, ya hear!

Still Keeping the faith,

The Sisters (Aimee)

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