Hint Help!

Okay ladies—-back up a bit….to the post where I introduced the Mother’s Day give-away. I gave you a ***hint***—***she is a mom***. Okay now I am going to out right tell you that the hint is —she is a mom—which is referring to something about the give-away. Which, by the way —is —-a very good gift!

Since YOU ALL KNOW how I love to read…I will give another hint….***book***. That is just to easy! Now, someone told me to be real plain– very easy….because sometimes when we are reading blogs—we are tired. I know…sorry…I go through the same thing! (Remember this morning’s 2:34 a.m.—I get tired when He wakes me up)

So, the biggest clue I am about to hand out is this…every clue is either surrounded by *** or, it is in bold. Now, before you grab every word in my posts that are bold…I will say that you should be careful…not every bold word is part of the clue.

The beginning point for this give-away is here. The gift will go to the first person that guesses the gift! When leaving your comment, you don’t have to tell me that you know the hint (so that you don’t give it away), but please tell me you “think” you know. You can e-mail me and tell you what you think it is—with your return e-mail and I will reply with a confirmation or tell you “look again” :-).

IF no one is able to guess—(I will make it easy as possible)—the gift—for Mother’s Day, I will use the random number generator to select from each individual that comments. It’s the only fair way I know. BUT I would love it if you try and guess!!!!

Have a blessed evening—and Friday! AND Saturday!

Since I will be hosting a grandson sleep-over Friday night for a couple of them, I may not post on Saturday due to mental and physical exhaustion!!! (Lori, I sound old…well, tonight, I feel old!)

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2 responses to “Hint Help!

  • Vicki

    hey Angie! Yep, I hear you about that mental and physical exhaustion after the grandchildren…at first, I thought I was the only one. Ha! Having my 6 yr.old Lexie come for 4 days so if you don’t see me around, you’ll know why. Might take me 4 days to recover….:-)love you bunches,Vicki

  • elaine @ peace for the journey

    I am so confused now, I need a nap due to my mental confusion! Oh well…I really can’t think now. Perhaps next week, but by then someone smarter than me will have already guessed the correct answer. Anyway, you win the prize for most creative give-away. peace~elaine

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