I Can’t Believe How Thankful I am!

You have no idea how much I missed Thankful Thursday….it broke my heart that I was not well enough to participate! My back hurt so bad I could not sit up…and it is most difficult to type lying down….(I tried). Laurel…thank you….in case I haven’t thanked you before now—for keeping this going! This is the highlight of my week. I so look forward to the encouragement I find when I travel out to California and Arizona, up to Connecticut, or Idaho, or down South Florida…or Texas….Canada…all around the world! It amazes me when I think what God is doing in broadening my scope and His plan for my life!

I am thankful that I am not flat on my back this week. Although I am still in some pain…it is NOT like last week. I am managing. With the help and grace of God it will continue to get better!

I am thankful for my sweet man and the sweet birthday cards I got from him this week and the new running shoes (like I run—humph)…but they look good with the new exercise pants, top and matching jacket he also got me—(no, I don’t “exercise”—but it looks good with my new running shoes!) I was alive to turn a glorious 46 years old! I had a wonderful lunch with my mother and grandbuddy and they allowed me to vent all through lunch about the things that were bugging me—-that I can’t vent to anyone else!—Of COURSE—we are PRAYING about all those things….so the individuals involved—-buck up—-it’s gonna be a bumpy ride until you give it up to Jesus!!! (Can you tell I am feeling better—gettin’ my old spunk back.) Actually, I told my sister the nurse, today that being slightly incapacitated had sure made me “short tempered”…..(no, I really wasn’t before)….but the past few days, when something irked me, I would be (almost) like, “come within arms reach of me and say that again”! Well, I’ve not hit anyone—and have prayed about my “short attitude” on the way home.

I am thankful that tomorrow will be better!

I am thankful for great co-workers that have pitched in and helped me get through this busiest of times with the end of the year things in our office—so much was going on while I was out last week….they were great! I love them all so very much. Thank you girls! You are a blessing from my Father—whether you know it or not!!!

I am thankful for what the Lord has been sharing with me—things I will be sharing with you. I am thankful for my photographer buddy Joe—who is always willing to share his gift of capturing God’s beauty with others. I e-mailed him today about a certain photo I needed for an upcoming devotion…and he got right to work! He sent me pictures that he took today after my description of what I needed. God hit me square in the heart with a devotion yesterday while at the doctors office…not only for me but for you too. I am working on it in my mind—and soon the thoughts will flow to my keyboard and then out to you! I am thankful that God does stuff like that. Speaks to us wherever we are.

I am thankful that I am covered. My coverage is full—best in all the world. It was paid for at Calvary. By God’s only Son….who loved me (and you) enough to leave the glorious throne in heaven and give His Life’s blood for me (and you). I deserve none of it….but He loved me that much. You too.

I heard this song just a while ago and it fits the past couple of weeks of my life…..

“On Christ the solid Rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand……all other ground is sinking sand.”

Lord, as I look forward to the day of Your return, help me to live a holy and godly life. I am totally incapable of holiness without You. (2Peter 3:11)

Thanks for listening to my ramblings…I am so glad to be counted among the living! God bless you—-hop on over to Laurel’s place and be blessed!

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