11 thoughts on “We all have our deserts”

  1. Thanks for the heads up, Angie. I was just over there at 1 this morning (couldn’t sleep). I wanted to check in on your pregnancy. I sure wasn’t expecting this.I’m praying for you. I know these are tough times for you right now.

  2. Thanks Marsha, Lisa and Gail. The value of prayer cannot be described…one of the “priceless” gifts we treasure.P.S. Marsha–I know you meant “her pregnancy”…but it made me smile.I love you all—you have tender hearts toward the needs of others.

  3. Beautiful song….. and I will pray for your friend……. that is tough stuff…… the Lord gave me such a wonderful revelation about a baby that I lost in 1967 ,, I will share that one of these days…

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