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Happy Anniversary-to My Love.

Happy Anniversary 2015

You started this morning with “Endless Love”….the very song that we claimed as “our song” 33 years ago.

I didn’t wear a floor length white gown…You didn’t wear a tux.  We didn’t have all the bells and whistles of a big cathedral…but tucked inside the heart of us, was a steadfast-strong love.  A love that could endure hardship– the kind that would last years.  There were times it was so hard I began to try and figure out which of us broke the mirror.  Neither of us.  It was not a run of bad luck because a broken looking glass–it was just life stuff.  And it happens to everyone at some point.

But we never went hungry.  You saw to that.  I cooked–what you provided (even though we had chicken legs for every meal over a week) –you always said, “thanks-I enjoyed it”  (Do people still say that?) –and we shared our heart with our Father–and were thankful for the two best and dearest blessings of life, our baby girls.  And God saw us “through” each and every trial.

I told Aimee this week that of all the trials that had come our way, God had always saw us through.  He had never removed Himself from our situation–no matter how tough it might have been.

When you tell someone our “story” of how and where we married, I smile inside–because they really have no clue.  Young adults who are now planning those amazing weddings –[with the glitter and candlelight]– I hope they realize without God as the center of their marriage–AND the center focus of each one’s own life, their marriage may not survive the holocaust against the sanctity of holy matrimony in the coming years (even as of this week).

We don’t live in Mayberry…

I hold dear and am so jealous to maintain our love and the special bond that we hold sacred.  There are moments in our lives etched in my brain.  Like this morning when you handed me your phone to play this song and said  you were trying to get it to facebook but was having trouble.  And moments when you held our babies.  And our grandbabies.  And the morning that the mouse had chewed my favorite skirt that my mother made me and I cried and you pulled me onto your lap and I believe you would have shot the mouse…

Sure, like any couple, there have been tough times–times when the love wasn’t burning with passion–but we choose to remember and hold onto the precious times and learn from mistakes of the past.  It’s an incredulous expression you get from those that you tell, “Angie and I have never had an argument”… I want to even laugh now, because while I know it’s true–we have a certain gift from God in that.  I quickly assure them, “It’s not that we’ve never had a disagreement–or that I’ve never had my feelings hurt–or that neither of us has ever been mad at the other”… we have.  All of that.  But it’s what we choose to do.  We talk our way through it when the time is right…and the temperaments are calm–and after God has been sought.

[I want to say to anyone reading and you have just gasped at the thought of not “giving them a piece of your  mind”…honey, give your mind to Christ.  If you start handing out pieces to your spouse every time they make  you upset–you’ll have none left in a few years–]

I am so NOT perfect.  Even after 33 years– I still mess things up.  I still burn cookies and pizza because I get caught up in something else.  And I’m glad that after 33 years– we are just as much in love as the day we said “I DO!” in front of God, our 3 witnesses, the Justice of the Peace–in the Radio Shack.  (I guess that will give folks something to talk about!) LOL.

When we renewed our vows on our 5 year anniversary and took communion with our then Pastor Wayne Fussell, I walked out feeling just as married as I had before–but there was a deeper sense of commitment–that would be needed in the coming years.  God has been INCREDIBLY awesome to knit us together as one.

A side note to couples– pray for one another.  If you don’t you won’t make it.  That’s just the truth.  

When Guy Tatum gave the “Band of Brothers” their new “One Year Bible” and encouraged them to “pray for their wives” (I know this not because Jeff told me [there’s a sacred code of honor among this prayer group of men], but because it showed up in our lives),  it made an impact on our marriage–in our home–MOST OF ALL, in ME!   My “security” level went through the roof–because Jeff took the time each morning to hold me and pray for me.  And if by chance I left before he was able to get back home to pray (he left for his camp work around 6:00 each morning), then he would call me as I drove to work.  He prayed, I drove, I cried, and I praised God for him.  And I GREW spiritually.  Hey–it doesn’t have to be a long prayer–just ask God to bless them and keep them safe! Start there!  Ask God to protect their mind from the enemy attacks–I can promise you this–there is an enemy out there who wants to destroy all marriages that God has put together–and the enemy starts with insecurity in the heart and home.

Yes, our actions do speak louder than our words!

If you want a marriage that lasts…finding the one God has created JUST FOR YOU is first on the list of to-do’s before the I-Do’s.  You won’t know by trying them all…you will know by waiting on God and praying.  2)  Put God FIRST.  3)  PRAY TOGETHER.  It’s the cement in your love.  You could have the most passionate love–but it will not be that way in 50 years…I mean face it–you will AGE. And aging shows up. 🙂  What you lay as the foundation of your marriage in the early years, will carry you through the later years.  If your spouse is your best friend–you will enjoy life, love and marriage a whole lot more.  To the fullest!

And the final thing that will hold your heart, home and marriage secure:  Put God FIRST.  I know I repeated that one–but God is the only one who knows and does what is best for each one of us….when my honey has hurt my feelings–I tell God.  When I have made him aggravated…I know he tells God.  Because it is the Holy Spirit who softens my heart–and it is the Holy Spirit that helps Jeff see my side.  Not that my side is the right side.  Jeff often maintains his view, but at least he can see where I’m coming from and he can better understand.  See?  It’s God who holds the manual for marriage….and it’s The Bible.

I gave all of that for free…call it Jeff and Angie Marital Advice 101.  What I give my darling man, is all of me for the rest of this earthly life.  God is first– and I’m thankful that He gave me you.  He knew just who I would need to lead me further spiritually–and who would love me for all my days….the young vibrant and fun days–as well as these “wee bit older” and hot flashin’ days.  You are my dearest-bestest-friend and I promise to love you and bless and cherish you–till death do us part.

You are my –Endless Love….

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Live Every Moment. . .

Love beyond words…and make every moment count.

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. Being loved and cherished. In a perfect world, little girls love the shoulders of their daddy. In their eyes, daddy is bigger than any other man. Their protector. Their provider. In a perfect world.

I have sweet photos of our girls asleep in the lap of their daddy. Both of them. At the same time. One on each arm. Comfy. Safe. Protected.

That is what our heavenly Father offers to us….HIS children. His eternal love. Protection. Safety. Although, like us as parents, our heavenly Father will allow us to experience life as it happens. The ups and the downs. From scraped knees to broken hearts.

Life. He came so that we might have life. And live it to the fullest. As Buzz Lightyear would say…”To Infinity and Beyond!”

In HIS world…our heavenly home….everything will be perfect.


Prison of a Prodigal

My mother has a “serious business” prayer….when it is “serious business”. It’s called the “whatever it takes” prayer. The words of this prayer mean e-x-a-c-t-l-y that! WHATEVER IT TAKES….LORD—SAVE THEIR SOUL.

I don’t take this prayer lightly. I have prayed this prayer three times in my life. When this prayer is prayed….well, as the saying goes—”Katie– bar the door!” Or —you better look out!

I remember as a young woman, praying this prayer about my dad. He was a dad….running as hard as he could from God. He had been in and out of church all of his “decision making life”. When he became old enough to decide for himself whether or not to go….well, it was hit and miss.
I can clearly remember kneeling in a small church, at the front pew, and a sweet elderly lady kneeling beside me and asking me what I was praying for. I told her simply, “my dad”. “I want him to know Christ.” In the way that his mother before him had known Him.

When I was a young teen he had left our home—never to return as a resident. My parents divorced by the time I was sixteen and I remember how hard that decision was for my mother. I remember how hard that was for all of us. But my mother continued to bring up her children in the way of the Lord. To teach us “right from wrong”. I believe she succeeded. But I digress.

I prayed this prayer, “Lord, whatever it takes, save my dad. Don’t let him die and go to hell.” That was my fear. I knew that he was much like the prodigal son. He had taken what was his and left to live his life for himself. But he was still prayed for. He was prayed for by his mother. A very godly woman that never laid her head on her pillow at night without calling out the name of each of her children to the Lord. He was prayed for by my mother. Even though their lives together would never be the same, she still cared. He was prayed for by his children. He was dad after all. He was loved.

The prodigal path that he chose, became the “whatever it takes”. The “whatever it took” had an impact on all of our lives. But when you pray that prayer, you really don’t think of what it might actually take. The prodigal pig pen became a prison for the prodigal .

A prison can be a place of real physical metal bars, but can also be a place of steel deep in the mind and heart, created by the enemy. A place that seems to over take your life in such a way, you see no way out. That is exactly what the enemy of your soul wants you to see. He wants you to believe that “your family no longer cares”. He wants you to feel that “you are too far gone”. That you’ve done too much “sinning”, that you cannot be forgiven. That surely, by now, you are not important. Maybe he has even told some prodigals that they have even been replaced.

A child can never be replaced by another. This prodigal son was just as important to the frail praying mother as her other children. The tears that stung her eyes for the other children, fell just as hard for this prodigal. The “whatever it takes prayer” was taking a long time.

How much longer Lord? Isaiah 40:31 tells us this:

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint.

Waiting is hard to do. Praising and worshiping while waiting, is even more difficult. But His word says “wait”.

I would like to tell you that it was just “a little while” before he gave his life to God. But the road to realization is sometimes a long one. It was many years. Many battles—many heartaches. And many prison bars. The battles and heartaches are felt not only by the “prayed for”, but by the “individuals on their knees”.

Max Lucado is a favorite author of mine. In his book “Grace for the Moment”, on March 7, these words are his… “Though the road to the palace takes a detour through a prison it eventually ends up at the throne.”

When the prodigal comes home….every battle, every scar, every trial is worth it. His mother would tell you that. But she’d have to lean over the portals of heaven to do so. But she would. She would tell you that every night spent in anguishing prayers over her son was worth the fact that he did finally come to know her Lord and Savior…. I was reminded this past week, we don’t pray for the convicting power of the Holy Spirit over their hearts like folks did when I was growing up. Why? What happened? Did we feel that was too harsh? Is there such a thing when it comes to a lost soul? I am asking your opinion. I for one, want the Holy Spirit to continually speak to my heart and mind about things I say or do that are not Christlike. I am praying for Holy Ghost conviction over my loved ones as well.

Father in heaven, I am so thankful that as I kneel before your throne, I am joined by those that have prayed that “hard prayer”. That “whatever it takes” prayer. For some, it took a lot. For others, they came more swiftly. But Lord, no matter how long it takes, we continue in prayer for those that are lingering on the edges of the most important decision of their lives. We ask that you simply keep talking to their hearts. Keep stirring up their sleep! May the Holy Spirit convict them continually, of everything that is standing in the way of them giving it all up to You. Until they all come home. I love you Father —- and am thankful that You never left. You stayed through all the tough times. You have always been my Father. I will always be your daughter. In Jesus most precious name I pray~Amen.

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Happy Birthday to LORI!

Someone is turning the BiG 40 today….hmmmm who could it be?
I bet it’s my sweet buddy Lori—over at All You have to GIVE….
Let me just tell ya’ll this girl gives A lOT! To our hearts…our minds….and sometimes to our mailboxes!
Lori—you delight the Lord with your cheerful giving heart. I love you and many others do as well! So, let’s all cut a slice of this yummy looking cake….grab a “diet” coke—or “diet” whatever your prefer…’cause you KNOW when you drink diet after 40….it cancels out all the calories in the sweet!
It works! Truly….why, just the other day…I was down and out and just knew that Krispy Kreme had something for me….and they did…but I was sure to get that diet coke to chase it down…canceled out every single one of them nasty calories. (It was lunch…okay, ya’ll it was a really bad day. AND a chocolate covered-cream filled does wonders for a downtrodden spirit!)
So every last one of you…cut some cake and head over there and tell my friend how yummy it was. Tell her she doesn’t look a day over 28—(I liked that age)….and be sure and wish her a happy day…full of all the things she loves the most!
Now to the 😦 sad 😦 stuff….I won’t be here next week at all to tell ya’ll hey or anything…but girls…I will be thinking of you…and writing…but without Internet service. I will log all my days and adventures…and come right back here and tell you all about it! I will tell you the things the Lord shares with my heart….while lazin’ away up on the mountain….and if I drive through your town…I will holler your name…real loud. So listen up!
Love you all! You are all the best!

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I have been blessed…incredibly by the Lord…by family in my life. AND friends. Friends who “feel” like family.

Some of these precious friends are even like sisters. Some of these sisters, I have never laid eyes on in person, but still, they are near and dear to my heart. Since I can’t run out and buy everyone a present…although I would LOVE to!—-Instead I give you a little “award”. Even though I don’t display awards on my blog (because it’s all about HIM and not me) I do enjoy giving them.

So without further ado….the “Sisters-of-Faith” award goes to:

Denise of Shortybears Place. Have you ever posted anything that Denise didn’t visit and make a kind comment on? I don’t think so. She takes time to visit EVERYONE and showers them with the love of Christ. I have been the blessed recipient of those blessings.

Lynn of Spiritually Unequal Marriage. I can’t tell you how much I have pestered her with woes and crisis. She has prayed and loved. The blessing of that is indescribable. A call to her location has picked my weary heart up on more than one occasion. The best one…was on my drive home. I am so glad you were home that day.

Iris of Sting my Heart. Without Thankful Thursday where would we be? We would certainly not be thinking of as many Thankful thoughts. She was the first one who befriended me here in blogland. She made me feel right at home with her heart for Christ. I have poured a few problems into her lap as well.

Laurel of Laurel Wreath Reflections. She has been there. She has listened. Encouraged. Prayed. And Loved. We have been like kids—passing notes in class—she sends me just the right “funny” on just the day I need it! (I try to make her laugh too—hopefully I spread some of that joy back!)

Chris of Chris Kerr Jewelry. I bought a pair of precious earrings. The blessing went further. They had a cross stamped on them–I soon got a necklace to match. I wore these everyday while we were praying for Wanda. While we were in the hospital, at home, at church, at work. I think people began to believe I only had one pair of earrings and one necklace. But there was a message in the set. There was a lot of love that went into the creation process. AND there was prayers behind each movement of the making. I have almost rubbed the word “pray” from the necklace. It was something tangible when my heart was needing a shoulder so bad. I felt the connection I so desperately needed those days.

Vicki of Windows to my Soul. Vicki is a born encourager. A lifter of heart. Her words embrace me when I visit. I have never left there the same. Always a fresh new thought or outlook. She has taught me so much. I felt the connection the first time I “walked through” and saw the breeze blowing the curtains back.

Lori of All You Have to Give. A sister-at-heart. Someone who I have never met…yet we have much in common. From needing kleenex—(thank you) to cleaning bathtubs…girl–you are a great source of help in this child’s need. I outnumber you in years…but you have wisdom beyond your own. You have no idea what you mean to me.

Elaine of Peace for the Journey. Elaine is a blessed new friend. Although I am just getting to know her, and she, me (probably very bad grammar—but I am not concerned today! ;), I have found much encouragment in her words—faith abounding from her heart—and a wealth of wisdom on her blog.

There are so many others that bless me, Jennifer, Marsha, Robin, Darnelle, Sarah, Tiffany, and Linda….girls, you are awesome to me. Each one of you picked up my crushed heart when Wanda left this life for the “real life”. You have prayed for me, loved on me, and visited me in many different ways. Thank you. Each visit to your site gives me such a lift of my head—you have all stepped in —and in your unique ways have filled a gap in my life. You have become sisters-in-my-heart. This child is grateful. I love you all.

Each of you are talented—sweet of spirit—and a blessing to every soul that lands on your bloggity doorstep. Keep the faith. Keep the message going. So that others will know Him.

This little award is actually the design from the T-Shirts that I had made to benefit BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge) in Wanda’s memory. So this award has a bit of her as well. Her favorite verse, her favorite color and our Sisters of Faith logo.

Keep going for Him sisters!

Weekend Fun!

A couple of these are from this past summer….the top two to be exact. But I thought I’d share a spoonful of sugar with ya! Now, don’t overdose! That sweetness can get sticky! After you’ve picked up the umteenth truck or almost broken your toe on a car—while kicking it’s wheels before test-drivin’ it!
The top dude loves to play Ninja. The next one down holding the stick, loves to BE NINJA. But he loves to whine more. Which is why I am looking into Ginger Plowman’s new book, “No More Whining”.
The one pictured at the picnic table and with the storybooks and bears is my Rylan. I call him mine for many reasons. His mommy doesn’t mind.
The picture with Papa “trying” to read to a couple of them is funny, because we had more fun watching and listening to Papa deal with this lap full of boys who love books, but love to squirm and ask multiple questions while you are reading…hence, this doesn’t happen very often, so a picture to capture the moment was necessary!
The last sugar-dumplin’ is my Cy-Man. His name is just Cy. But like all grandparents, we have pet names for our kids. Tiffany was “Frog Legs”, April was and is Weezie, and the boys have their own names as well.
My sister, Aimee and I worked on a project last night….more to come on that. It wasn’t a blog. It was a room project. My sister, Wanda’s sewing room. Like I said, more to come on that.

A Camping We Will Go!

I did tell you we were having the boys (some of them) this weekend….well, we had this bright idea! Set up the tent in the living room….
Well, sounded good…on the surface….but then there was the size….and the fact that you could watch TV from only one other place in the living room….and then there was the noise…that the zipper made…CONSTANLY….open-closed-open-closed-open-well, my hair is barely hanging on….but they had fun. That’s what counts right? Matters not that I didn’t get any cleaning done…they are only 6, 4 1/2 and 1 1/2 once in their lives!

We made “ninja food”…because, of course Zackary wanted to play Ninja….and trucks…and trains…and Legos….and he was something I never could quite make out…Monja Man—or something…and Rylan was Bondo Boy…whatever that is…does that mean his drives a Bondo car???

What was funny, in listening to them was, Zackary would stand outside the tent and “ring” a pretend doorbell (by the way, the tent was also called a “cave”)—do caves have doorbells? Anyway, Rylan would say “just a minute”…in a cute voice — all the while little Cy was trying his best to “play where he could”…

Zackary was quick to “tell” me if someone was not playing right. He is the little tattletale of the bunch that was here.

All in all…Papa and I are pooped. No, for this bunch I did NOT clean house before they got here. The cleaning is done after they leave.

Stop back by, once my sanity returns…I will post a devotion.