Happy Birthday to LORI!

Someone is turning the BiG 40 today….hmmmm who could it be?
I bet it’s my sweet buddy Lori—over at All You have to GIVE….
Let me just tell ya’ll this girl gives A lOT! To our hearts…our minds….and sometimes to our mailboxes!
Lori—you delight the Lord with your cheerful giving heart. I love you and many others do as well! So, let’s all cut a slice of this yummy looking cake….grab a “diet” coke—or “diet” whatever your prefer…’cause you KNOW when you drink diet after 40….it cancels out all the calories in the sweet!
It works! Truly….why, just the other day…I was down and out and just knew that Krispy Kreme had something for me….and they did…but I was sure to get that diet coke to chase it down…canceled out every single one of them nasty calories. (It was lunch…okay, ya’ll it was a really bad day. AND a chocolate covered-cream filled does wonders for a downtrodden spirit!)
So every last one of you…cut some cake and head over there and tell my friend how yummy it was. Tell her she doesn’t look a day over 28—(I liked that age)….and be sure and wish her a happy day…full of all the things she loves the most!
Now to the 😦 sad 😦 stuff….I won’t be here next week at all to tell ya’ll hey or anything…but girls…I will be thinking of you…and writing…but without Internet service. I will log all my days and adventures…and come right back here and tell you all about it! I will tell you the things the Lord shares with my heart….while lazin’ away up on the mountain….and if I drive through your town…I will holler your name…real loud. So listen up!
Love you all! You are all the best!

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10 responses to “Happy Birthday to LORI!

  • Denise

    I am on my way to visit the precious birthday girl right now sweetie. Enjoy your week, be filled with His love and blessings. I will be here missing you, loving you, and holding you up in prayers.

  • Jennifer

    I wonder if that cake tastes as yummy as it looks. Cake is my weakness. I won’t leave a wedding reception until I have had my cake and hubby knows not to even ask. LOL!Enjoy you week, I will be here when you get back (wishing I had a week off of our crazy schedule).Smiles!

  • Cheryl

    You are so sweet to do this for a friend!! I love the cake! So pretty. I hope you have a very blessed time away! Sit still and listen to the Lord. I love reading your blog! Holler my name real loud if you drive across this mountain I live on. Have a safe trip! God Bless~

  • eph2810

    We love you too, Angie! You have a super/duper time with our Lord and your beloved – come back refreshed!Thanks for sharing a slice of the cake…

  • lori

    YOU are TOOOOOOO much!! You really shouldn’t have gone to all that trouble of BAKING and DECORATING a cake like that!! I ate the WHOLE thing,,,*burp*It was delicious!!!You are the one who ministers to so many of us! You enjoy that break, refresh and renew….peace…and LONG DEEP BREATHS…but THAT cake….OH MY…you shouldn’t have!!!!as I begin a new DECADE…”I’m clothed in strength and dignity…I will LAUGH at the days to come!” Proverbs 31:25LOVE YOU….thank you for the wishes…you are the best!!hugs!lori

  • ellen b

    Happy Birthday Lori!!

  • Kathleen Marie

    Wonderful! A birthday party for a wonderful lady! Thanks for sharing the news! You have a blessed and fun day but don’t eat too much cake ☺

  • Joanne

    I just found Lori’s blog a few weeks ago. What a blessed gal to have such a sweet friend in you Angie.She doesn’t really know me yet, but I will still head over to wish her a blessed birthday.You are such a love, Joanne

  • Denise

    Have a GREAT time……… and when you come through here you are lost!!!!!!!!! hahahah hugs

  • Woman in the Tent

    Thanks for the invitation, Angie!

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