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Sisters Retreat 2010

The 2010 Sisters Retreat was great fun!! A relaxing–special time with sisters in Christ!

Hearts were shared–memories made–tears were shed–and friendships forged.

God was good.

I regret not having my camera on hand at all! I took these pictures the first day we arrived and didn’t pick it up again until I saw the butterfly that seemed to be “following” me around! Right into a store at Pier Park on the beach.

I wish everyone that had expressed interest could have joined us–but I know that there are so many activities that are going on in everyone’s life! It’s just a busy time of year! I totally understand.

This was the largest “Sister’s Retreat”–with each condo being a small group of sisters to themselves. That was neat. Devotions and fellowship being shared as small groups and then coming together in the “Club House” of Landmark Condominiums on the beach for our time of sharing and singing—and eating. Of course you can’t have a retreat without eating…can you??

I hope all the ladies had a great time, I know our group did. God orchestrated everything down to the last detail. When we put our “all” in…He returns so much more! More than you can imagine!

When we lay EVERYTHING down that hinders–or otherwise has your mind so occupied as to prevent you from entering into His place of worship–He then replaces that with His powerful Spirit and Presence!

Love you girls! Hope your week is fully blessed!

In case you wonder….

I think God may ask “YOU” to host your own sister’s retreat RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! 

Try it.  Invite 3 or 4.  See what God does when you put HIM as first in the midst….

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Brothers helping a brother

The picture speaks for itself. (Click on it to enlarge the photos.)

Our Church has a Tuesday Morning Men’s Prayer Group called, “Band of Brothers”.

At the Christmas gathering a couple of weeks ago, the men shared what God had done in their lives since they had become involved in daily prayer and Bible reading-joining forces with some other men from the church. This band consists of about 15-19 men. Strong forces. Battling the enemy on a daily basis for one another–as well as for their own families.

I believe every man spoke up to share. I can’t recall one who didn’t. Then the women were given a chance to share as well. Most did. I was holding back. For two very good reasons.

1) I have had a hard time talking without crying throughout the Thanksgiving-Christmas Season (no matter what the subject was); and

2) I am blessed with a mighty good man. Mighty good. If I started sharing all the good things I’ve seen in my man, they would think I was, (a) bragging, or (b) full of bull. I shared only a tiny bit. And yes. I did cry. It was disgusting.

Recently one of the members of the prayer group underwent eye surgery. He is a “real” cowboy. (The two pictured with him are actors.) After the surgery he would be unable to perform his farm/ranch/cowboy duties. Jeff and Guy joined forces to help.

Jeff has enjoyed the daily job of helping out–being a former farm boy himself, he knew the ropes. They had some comedy relief throughout their adventure. (I so wish I could have hidden behind one of the many bales of hay!)

I think a time or two someone got stuck in the mud-poo?? They may have come home smelly — but God was glorified as they worked to help another!

Thank you Joy (Buddy’s wife), for snapping these great pictures! At least we know they did work that one day!

Have you someone in your life that could use some help? Maybe a little encouragement?

As the New Year dawns–let us draw near to the heart of God asking for His guidance in our daily lives–in every detail–may He direct our steps to help another soul along this journey.


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A Visit With Connie!

Connie Haile is a walking talking miracle.

She has been the sweetest, most incredible blessing in my recent years. By way of pictures (when you click on the collage) you can enjoy a few minutes at her house. She will welcome you with a big bright smile, open arms, a cup of coffee and and encouraging Word from God.

I love Saturday mornings at Connie’s.

Thank you Connie, for being a godly example of what a true Christ follower should act like…talk like…and pray like. I love you dearly my sweet friend!


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On Prayer and Journaling

Recently, our Bible Study class had a discussion about prayer, prayer times, location, etc.

I have a dear friend I visit daily (comes in my inbox) and she shared a great post on prayer, journaling and scripture reading. Visit Ann. Without the “e”. She is an inspiring and gifted writer and mom.

Two weeks ago, if you searched for me online, I was scarce. I was house sitting/dog sitting for my mother and Grandbuddy as they were involved in a missions work project in Central Florida at a new developing orphanage.

It was nice to have break from the same roads and routine. I was blessed to be able to attend my home church, Carmel Assembly of God, where the Spirit of the LORD reigns–and rains. A powerful, anointed message was preached—as the old sign by the road used to read, “We make no apology for old time religion”. I shout a hearty “Amen!”

The old sign is gone, but the sentiment remains. Strong and firm. Just as He requires us to be.

Strong and firm. In our faith. In His strength. He doesn’t call us to walk this road alone, He’s there.

If you want to hear more….I’m over at the Cafe` on Monday 🙂


Guess Who I get to Meet? In real life!

This weekend is full to the brim of busyness! AND I mean busy! I have a list a mile long! (Just ask Jeff!)

We have both fought a bit of sickness with this “peanut pickin'” season with our sinuses—-aaarggg!

Tomorrow—we are having a supper here for some family—-and then on Sunday I get to meet TechnoNana in REAL LIFE!

Oh, by the way…you wanna know what time it is??? 2:52 a.m. Yup. See…what happened was, I drank one of those ‘coffee’ drinks before I left work this afternoon….to sort of pep me up…and well, yes. You see they really work!

I worked HARD the entire time before bath and bedtime. Ironing, vacuuming, sweeping, re-arranging….etc. Then when I went to bed, I was exhausted…and slept hard for about 2 hours. Rylan (oldest grandson) came to our room at exactly 12:57 and said he couldn’t breath. Stuffy nose. So he laid down with us. I listened to him “snort” for about a minute and got a kleenex to blow his nose. And you know moms and nanas…something didn’t feel right.

I got him to come to the bathroom and we walked in and squeezed our eyes at the bright light. I was going to wash his little face and all the —okay—this is gross…so go ahead and skip down to the end if you’re squeemish—but the word is “snot”. But it wasn’t snot. His little nose had started bleeding and he had a ruined night shirt and I had some ruined sheets and pillowcases.

So I clean him up. Change his clothes and put him in bed with Papa. With a towel under his head. I tried explaining to him, hold your head back…keep this cold wet cloth on your nose…but….uummm—you have to know Rylan. Anyway, I get them settled and then change the other sheets and pillowcases and crawl in his bed.

But—sleep just ain’t my friend. Ever have those nights? Or mornings? I lay there and think of all the stuff I have to do EARLY Saturday morning. I can’t start now…the noise of such would wake poor tired Papa. So….I after tossing—and turning….I decided to check e-mails.

So here I sit. Just giving you a brief peek and update on life at the Knight house. Such as it is.

I have a special sweet dear sister friend who is doing some awesome things for me. I will post that SOON. She has been at work creating me some ‘chair covers’ tonight. She spent Friday night last weekend with us and we sewed curtains all day Saturday. She has been fluffing my heart and life with surprises from some fabric I purchased the past 2+ years! I will post that as SOON as we are done! She is none other than Vivienne!

Okay…we will see if we can get back to bed now! Oh, the picture? Rylan and Papa last Sunday before church. Ain’t they the cutest?

Oh…sorry. There was nothing whatsoever spiritual about this post. Well…if you find something…be sure and let me know. Love you all!

Sunday Afternoon…

Yes, it is Sunday afternoon….and I am usually NOT on the computer on the weekends…but I just learned a sweet sister-friend has joined the ranks of the women—following the heart of Christ by way of Blogville!

Please help me welcome “Jensmere” to our little village of Blogging for the LORD! She is a super sweet Proverbs 31 Woman in every sense of the word! She was a great friend and prayer warrior for my sister, Wanda and her life and sweetness flowed into Wanda and Mark’s in such an incredible way. God is good.

Don’t forget, I will be over at the “Sisters of Faith” site—continuing in our Bible Study—90 Days with Jesus the One and Only! It has been AWESOME! AND don’t forget to go see my friend Jensmere!!!!!!!

Have a blessed week!

Upcoming Give-away!

I have NEWS NEWS NEWS! You all KNOW how I love a give-away…I love to give—and I even enter one from time to time! I actually WON two recently! An awesome book for Family History from Laura—Woman in the Tent; and a bag, notebook and picture from Denise of Sew the Word! BUT a new GIVEAWAY is on the horizon….and I am gonna let you in on the secret….

Go to my GOOOOOOD friend, Laurel Wreaths Reflections….YOU will absolutely love it! (She sort of told me what was going on!)