Brothers helping a brother

The picture speaks for itself. (Click on it to enlarge the photos.)

Our Church has a Tuesday Morning Men’s Prayer Group called, “Band of Brothers”.

At the Christmas gathering a couple of weeks ago, the men shared what God had done in their lives since they had become involved in daily prayer and Bible reading-joining forces with some other men from the church. This band consists of about 15-19 men. Strong forces. Battling the enemy on a daily basis for one another–as well as for their own families.

I believe every man spoke up to share. I can’t recall one who didn’t. Then the women were given a chance to share as well. Most did. I was holding back. For two very good reasons.

1) I have had a hard time talking without crying throughout the Thanksgiving-Christmas Season (no matter what the subject was); and

2) I am blessed with a mighty good man. Mighty good. If I started sharing all the good things I’ve seen in my man, they would think I was, (a) bragging, or (b) full of bull. I shared only a tiny bit. And yes. I did cry. It was disgusting.

Recently one of the members of the prayer group underwent eye surgery. He is a “real” cowboy. (The two pictured with him are actors.) After the surgery he would be unable to perform his farm/ranch/cowboy duties. Jeff and Guy joined forces to help.

Jeff has enjoyed the daily job of helping out–being a former farm boy himself, he knew the ropes. They had some comedy relief throughout their adventure. (I so wish I could have hidden behind one of the many bales of hay!)

I think a time or two someone got stuck in the mud-poo?? They may have come home smelly — but God was glorified as they worked to help another!

Thank you Joy (Buddy’s wife), for snapping these great pictures! At least we know they did work that one day!

Have you someone in your life that could use some help? Maybe a little encouragement?

As the New Year dawns–let us draw near to the heart of God asking for His guidance in our daily lives–in every detail–may He direct our steps to help another soul along this journey.


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