Reflection of a Heart Like His

For Wanda’s birthday I want to share with you something written by a dear friend, who has to remain nameless due to the fact she lives in another country–and they do not take kindly to Christians–to say the least.

Dear Angie,

You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. Although Wanda and I were not intimate friends, I did feel as though I had come to know her over the years. I had the greatest
respect and admiration for her consistent demonstration of abiding faith and trust in the face of what many of us would consider to be overwhelming adversity. 

Despite years of pain and trial, she managed to retain a special sweetness I shall never forget.

After I received the news, I spent much of the evening pondering the indescribable profundity of Wanda’s absolute simplicity and straightforward sincerity. 
She did not strive to be a flashy dresser, a vivacious social butterfly, or a dazzlingly erudite conversationalist. She did not seek the spotlight; she did not pursue praise or adulation. In a world where the surface is so often valued over the core, where the cover is prized more than the content, Wanda always seemed to me to be a ray of almost translucent purity and faith.

She leaves behind no record of artistic or intellectual genius; instead, she leaves for an adoring family and loving friends the memories they will never forget: memories of faith, hope, patience, sacrifice, determination, and a never-ending quest to know and fulfill God’s will on this earth. Perhaps,
after all, that is an even greater and more valuable legacy for us all. 



 Then days later she wrote again:

Dear Angie, “Over the last few days, I have really been meditatingon the miracle of Wanda’s life. She lived … truly,truly LIVED … the example that many of us talkabout. She did a lot of walking and not much talking.Or should I say that she let her walking do thetalking. I feel blessed and humbled to have known herat all….”

As I re-read these words from 2008, I reflected on my own life–I’ve heard preachers say often, “our lives are our testimony  -and it’s from that we preach our own funeral”…. I stop and think…what am I saying?  What are my actions revealing?

What about yours?  Do you ever ponder what your life is revealing about you? 

I know I have seen facebook posts that hurt my heart.  I’m not talking about the ones that are blatantly “sin”…I don’t have or subscribe to that–I’m talking about those “life revealing” posts and pictures.  The ones that reveal what is in our inner most thoughts– whether the picture reveals smiles or steely eyes.  

The heart reflects our walk.  Our walk talks for us.  Whether you tip-toe in high heels or stomp around in cowboy boots–or flip in flip-flops. The walk is talking.

What is the reflection He sees when He sees us?…. Just something to ask ourselves in the coming days…

I know Wanda’s life has blessed all who truly knew her–and I know that we will be joined again in our eternal home…every time we gather as family and talk about this–we get more ready to be there…

But until then, there’s much to do here!

Carry on!

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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2 responses to “Reflection of a Heart Like His

  • Susan K Baldwin

    She has been in my thoughts all week. I too feel how very privileged I am that I knew her. Her quiet grace is forever burned into my heart, and her faith of steel is an example to emulate. Even though we were on different continents during most of our friendship, she was a friend for life, not someone who transitions through for a season. I treasure every memory of being with her because each contains a sweetness, a moment of grace or a lesson of love that is eternal. Love you, Angie.

  • Denise

    Thinking of dear Wanda with love.

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