For Sisters of Faith

October RETREAT! Make your plans NOW to attend!

 Sisters by Heart


We have come a long way–to get to this place today.  Sisters by Heart is here! 
Announcing the 2010 Sisters of Faith Retreat!  Head on over and get the scoop and spread the word! 
This will be a retreat YOU don’t want to miss!
  • Want more of God in your life? 
  • Want to connect with some awesome sisters of faith?
  • Need prayer for specific areas of ministry? 
  • Do you need victory over situations?
THIS retreat will bless your socks off!  Anointed speakers! Anointed teachings of things that will HELP you grow and GO for Jesus Christ!
Come on! What are you waitng for?  There is time now to get registered! 







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5 thoughts on “October RETREAT! Make your plans NOW to attend!”

  1. Well look at you, look at God doing wonderful things. so happy that you have made it so far. May I post a reference to you or at least a icon on the side bar? Who is speaking?

  2. Girl,

    I posted about the retreat today. I am psyched. Can't wait. Love you. Thank you Angie for following the Lord's leading. I know you have ventured out of your comfort zone for this…. Girl, you have listened to the DREAM GIVER…

    I'm so glad you did. Hugging you.

  3. Praise the LORD!

    GOD be worshiped for WHO He is and may HE be praised for all He's doing. He's amazing and I'm sure that His plan for the next Retreat is awesome! Looking forward to being there…continuing to pray, pray and pray for every area.

    Hugs and blessings.

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