For Sisters of Faith

February 2010 Sisters Retreat

Once again our hearts gathered for a mini-retreat. I know you probably think that’s all we do…but friend, we do so much more!

Aimee and I were blessed with a few days with our mother and Aunt Evielean for a wonderful time of refreshment in the Lord–and to celebrate Wanda’s birthday. We had decided the year she passed away, to take the time faithfully to rejunvenate our hearts and minds and spend some quality time with one another.  Every year–same time—different places!  God did not disappoint us as we joined our hearts to His in those 3 days away.

We fellowshipped, ate, did a little bit of “Thrift Store” shopping—but each morning and night tuned our hearts to His. Some of the discussions were what God is doing—and what we desire to see Him do in our hearts and lives. We also discussed “Sisters Retreats” of the past….and the happy memories they hold. God is so faithful and good to us!

Do you have traditions that you carry on year after year? Would you care to share?

Do you keep a journal of your traditions to pass on to the next generation?

I hope with all my heart that this October, you will join us as we once again–turn our hearts toward heaven–in our Fall Retreat—“Sisters of Faith~To The Ends Of The Earth!”

    There has been much going on in the Knight house of late!  I have much to catch you up on!  Stay tuned –and if you would like to be informed via newsletter, send me your e-mail address or mailing address!  (You can send it privately instead of the comment form to “av_knight(at)hotmail(dot)com”.)

    Many blessings to you!

    Following Him,


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    9 thoughts on “February 2010 Sisters Retreat”

    1. I think it is so neat that you are having those mini-retreats. They can help us get re-focused on the most important things in life.

      Love & peace,

    2. A time of retreating with JESUS is a beautiful thing…adding special people makes it even better. Glad you all enjoyed your precious moments and time together.

      Blessings and love!

    3. I have three sisters, all spread out (2 of us here in AZ, one a missionary in Mexico, the other in WA State). At least once a year we get together for a “sister's retreat” – which is code for fellowship, food & fun. Since I'm the baby (at 62), I treasure my time with the older ones, now 77, 75 & 69.

      How wonderful that you take the time to treasure these loved ones; and they you.


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