From Chipley, Kinard, and Marianna, Florida–all the way to Bolivia

Where do I begin?  I hardly know.

I have watched a young couple become so in love with the people, the mission, and more with Jesus than one would imagine, especially since they already loved Jesus.

I have watched our daughter lead our team to teach, encourage, bless and bring out the giggles in hundreds of children, through puppets, games and lessons.

I have watched this amazing team of Focus Forward Ministries take steps of faith to become what God had planned–and I have watched as God brought out the best in each member that He put together with us for this trip.  God always finds a way to amaze.

Today was no different.  I am going to talk Chase Curti into starting a blog so he can share his story from two years ago- that we all have watched God unfold before our eyes.  The devotion Jeff has been sharing (thus far) has been concerning obedience.  Sometimes our flesh will talk us right out of obeying simply because we don’t want to look idiotic to others, or even to draw attention to ourselves. There’s not a member of this team that is the “look at me” type–and often it’s the quiet ones (like Chase) that God requires us to do something that puts us “out there” to become involved in an out-loud kind of way in other peoples lives.

I want the full story to come from Chase, so whether he tells it to me again for me to write, or I convince him to begin a blog– you will at some point get to hear the whole story.  For now know this:  God is asking us all to make steps of faith and obey Him in something- even right now.  Every day.  We just often ignore it.    That was free 🙂

Now, on to the mission.  We arrived Sunday morning an hour later due to some aircraft issues…yes, we always want those addressed before we get in the air.  Always.  

We have stayed in the same hotel every single trip to Bolivia since we started in 2011.  Every year without exception there is some sort of issue–and God always has a way of using it to stretch our patience and help us realize that things are different in other parts of the world…and there really are things that we have grown so accustomed to–that we take for granted at home.  Such as, hot water.  And clean water.  When several of us turned on our faucets to shower out came black specks and dingy water.  What did we do?  Took a shower anyway.

There is generally other issues to work through–and this team has taken every obstacle like champs.   If you are the pastor of any of these, you know already of their servants heart–but let me tell you it really shines in missions.

The reward?  These beautiful and amazing faces.

They are making a mark on our lives this week…and we pray that the mark we make on theirs will be a marked change for Christ.  It is our hope, desire and purpose.
This team will go home with burning, churning testimonies–and I hope that you will invite those who are in your church to tell their story.  It’s needs to be told.  It needs to be heard.  Before the week is over–it will be more powerful than they can imagine.  I already know that.  God always does the amazing…
Please continue to pray for health–safety and for the lost hearts to find Jesus.  We had many children raise their hands in response to the message today– pray that they’re little hearts are impacted with the Gospel.
Tomorrow we will hand out the Bibles many contributed to purchase–as well as school supplies.  And a dear friend donated some totes to be used–and God really did something amazing–the number is correct with the number of teachers at two of the schools!  
Did I mention God was AMAZING??
Pray for good weather on Friday– the pastor we are working through has found two new schools that we didn’t already have on our schedule… we will do two programs with them!  Pray for the team members as well as the children.  
Tomorrow we will get to interact with the parents of one of the schools children!  ANOTHER unexpected blessing!
I took over 1000 pictures today.  I’m hoping to pull a few each night to share.  The best ones I will save for our mission book for the team. 
I’m closing it down for the night.  Have a blessed day tomorrow and remember to pray for the team!

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