An 8 Year Old Missionary

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God”.  

Matthew 5:8

2015-A MISSIONARY 03-19 2015-03-19 002 003I had the wonderful opportunity a few weeks ago to interview the youngest purpose-filled missionary I have ever met.  She just turned 9 and her name is Kaylee.

Kaylee took it upon herself to do something pretty extraordinary.

She wanted to make “Salvation Bracelets” for the kids in Bolivia where we would be ministering.  They ordered colorful beads and enough leather to make 500 bracelets.

This past Saturday, Kaylee did something almost unheard of in this day and age of children and all the gimmicks of our “stuff driven” society.  She planned her birthday party–around others.

When her mom asked her what kind of theme she wanted for her party–without hesitation, Kaylee responded, A Mission Party!

Kaylee wanted everyone who came to buy school supplies or give donations for the kids we are visiting in Bolivia.  Kaylee wanted nothing for herself.

Everything this young lady comes up with knocks me to my knees.  I am so proud of Kaylee and her heart for God.

Let me tell you (if I haven’t already) of the first time I met her.  Jeff and I had the privilege of being with my sister and her husband, Pastor Juno Douglas for our very FIRST mission service with our brand new baby ministry, Focus Forward Ministries, Inc.

Kaylee was in that audience.  Not playing a video game or coloring, or anything else that kids sometimes do in church–this young lady was eyes-front, listening to every word.    When I shared, she listened.  When Jeff shared, she soaked it in and became excited about the possibility of going on a mission trip herself!

Afterward, Pastor Juno called me and Jeff to the front so that the body of believers could come forward and pray for us, for our ministry and for the furtherance of the Gospel Message.  Kaylee came and stood beside me.  My heart and eyes wept when I felt that little hand on my arm and heard the whispers of her voice.  She said to me after the prayer, “you’re gonna do real good”.

Kaylee, I hope so.  My desire is to do “real good in every place He puts our feet”.

This young lady, with the help of her mom and her little sister, have made over 300 bracelets.

Listen up people–we need to understand something:  God will use anyone–no matter your age, life history, or circumstance, to take the Gospel to the WORLD.  There is a dying world.  Children who have no hope without Christ.  Parents who are dying in sin–and to sin…and leading their children down the same path!

We leave for Bolivia in 25 days to work in 4 schools per day for a week.  We have an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His love for lost humanity and show them they MATTER and that they are LOVED.  Kaylee’s contribution of “birthday gifts”  and bracelets will help to spread the love.   We could use some more school supplies.  That’s a LOT of kids…

The Salvation bracelets we give out will remind them of what God gave–when He gave His Son.  And they will all get a Bible.  We have 500 in hand and 500 coming.  We have boxes of Mission Ball’s with the Gospel printed on all sides…. all paid for by those who wanted to play a part in this journey.

YOU still have a chance.  We gratefully accept contributions for this life changing trip.  THANK YOU for joining hands with us today.  Thank you for taking the GOSPEL to the WORLD!

2015-MISSION BRACELET03-19 2015-03-19 002 012


Focus Forward Ministries, Inc.

Post Office Box 5773

Marianna, FL  32447

(All monetary donations are tax deductible)


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