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Watch Your Mouth

How many times have you heard that?  Said it?

I can’t even begin to remember how many–but I am certain I’ve been told that as much as I’ve said it.  Generally it starts when our mouths begin to get sassy.

Oh, it doesn’t happen by itself.   Our mouths really don’t have a mind of their own…it operates solely upon what is generated from the brain.  And unless you are looking in a mirror…you can’t really “watch your mouth”.  But then, that wasn’t the point anyway.

This summer I have had the privilege of loving and caring for some of our grand children.  In most cases, they were mini-versions of their parents.  Not just their moms.  I saw versions of their dads as well–and I saw the reflection of what they have consumed from life.  When they prayed–oh how sweet!

They are fun-neat-hilarious-and at times right on target with the surprising things they say.  We’ve had a blast.  One thing I have said a time or two– “watch your mouth”.

Kids pick up words from other kids.  I know mine did.  I know I did.  They don’t use the vocabulary of their parents most of the time, it’s their peers.

I wonder at the end each day, how many times The LORD has looked at me and wanted to scream, Angie! Watch your mouth!  Instead, The Holy Spirit nudged me…and it was my choice to listen and cease–or keep right on with my opinion–vocalizing it to the hilltops.

I’ve heard it said –can’t remember where I read it–so it’s not my quote, “you can’t unsay words.”

Good grief–how true that is!

I’ve had my feelings hurt…I’ve gotten mad….been sad….with a full conversation–all in my head,  and as long as it stays there until I’ve listened fully to what God has to say on the matter, I’m okay.  But the instant I let words flail and fly out of my lips without so much as a “test run” with The LORD, I’m in big trouble.  Generally people get hurt.  The hearer as well as the speaker.  (Remember “do unto others as you would have them do unto you?”)

I have said things I’ve had to go back and apologize for.  I’ve said “I’m sorry”, more times than Carter’s got liver pills.  But that’s okay.  The instant we think we don’t need to say I’m sorry, or that it shouldn’t be us saying the I’m sorry–then we are in a bad way.  Spiritually speaking–as well as emotionally and futuristically speaking.  (I think I made up another word!)

Tonight–as one grandson has played a game–I have said several times to him, watch your mouth.  Meaning, he has used a silly word that has one meaning to him (he got from his friends), but it has another meaning in the dictionary.

As hurtful things have flown through social media, and from conversations of people, I have to remind myself, watch  your mouth.  I need to keep my opinion to myself.  And an opinion cannot be based on one side of any story.  The seeds you sow in words will root out and spoil good words sown in the past.  Rash and sudden decisions based on immediate feelings will often do more harm in the long run.

I remembered a “rash” decision I made about 20 something years ago, that I made out of hurt feelings.  Not taking time to rationalize, or see another persons view point–only mine.  It was solely from my perspective that I based my decision–and even claimed to have prayed about it.  Well, funny thing was, I did pray.  I “told God” what He already knew.  However, I didn’t wait to see what He had to say.  Instead, I did what soothed my hurt feelings.

I have learned along this almost 54 year journey, that God wastes nothing.  Not even poor decisions, or big mistakes.  He uses every-single thing on our journey.  Teaching, training, molding and making us into what He purposed for our lives.  Sometimes, like Moses, it’s a wandering in a desert.  Even as long as 20 something years.

We assume (incorrectly) that surely “this” must have needed to take place in order to get me to this point in life.  Are you kidding me?  He is GOD after all.  He can change our address in a breath.  Just ask Philip (Acts 8:39-40).

This life on earth is temporary.  We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience–and what we do here–affects our eternal.  Make it count.  (I am speaking to myself as well.)  Don’t let words that need to be said, go unsaid.  Words like, “I love you”.  “I’m sorry”.

If you are a parent especially listen to my voice of experience…. always end the night with your child in “I love you”…. It doesn’t matter how hurt or angry you may be with them…love them.  And get their side of the story–don’t just believe what you were told.  YES, I know they may lie….but listen to the WHOLE story first.  NOT just one side.

These little guys that have been here this summer–have been fun.  I’ve listened to two sides to many verbal tussles.  When I wanted to holler at one for being hurtful to the other–waiting paid off.  Oh how I do love these little guys.  I love being a mom, and love even more being a grandmother.  It does keep me on my toes.

Maybe they learned something this week.  Maybe they learned to watch their mouth.  Not looking in a mirror…but guarding what they say–making sure good things come from their heart and lips.  Teaching kids to guard their heart- their mouths and minds is more important now than ever before.  They experience far more of the world by the age of 10 than I had experienced at 15.

While we are teaching…we should also be remembering it for ourselves… Watch our mouth.

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Camp has Ended

And lives were changed.  All over the place—hearts were directed to the path God had planned when they were created… and so it begins….the anticipation as each new step is taken….

Our granddaughter was one life changed, along with my sister, Wanda’s daughter, Victoria.  Both were filled with the Holy Spirit on Wednesday night!  When my daughter texted me the news—so many emotions flooded.  Memories of how I felt when Tiffany and April had such life changing experiences…And I could just feel the joy in my heart for Wanda’s “no-longer-little-girl”….


He’s necessary you know.  The Holy Spirit is necessary for the hard days ahead.  We have no clue how tough things are going to get—but we will need all the Resources that God has to give…

I won’t even attempt to tell you what my thoughts are for the near future… I don’t want this to become a political rant—instead, I want to encourage us all.  Myself included.  GET INTO THE WORD.

Memorize as much Scripture as possible.  Know it front to back.  (I am telling myself this with much emphasis.)

The things that have happened this year—that even some “Christian communities” have fallen for, still makes my heart ache.  It’s like they have taken “white-out” to the Bible and removed, as far as what they read/believe, all the parts that they don’t agree with. 

And all the mess going on—all over facebook—the flag business and race business…oh my goodness.  It’s more than I can even put words to tonight.  Heart breaking…that we—the citizens of the United States are falling prey to the powers that manipulate…oh yes…  Have you ever watched the movie “Wag the Dog”?

All while Kids Camp and Youth Camp has been going on—we have had “grands” staying with us.  And boy-howdee have I felt my age! I think my poor washing machine has too.  I forget how much work goes into kids being in the house—but we have had a great time.  Two more come next week and then I’m pushing the pause button. 

One of the best things—listening to them pray.  And encouraging them to deepen their conversations with God.  I love my girls and praying with them growing up, but praying with our grandsons has been a sweet –unexpected, joyous treat.  Thank You JESUS for all Your blessings in our lives!

I hope your summer is going well—ours is busy—and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon! Winking smile



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I Know

Most of our readers/friends know that our oldest grandson has autism–and he sticks with a particular phrase or two when you tell him something.  Currently, the favored one is “I know”.  “I know Nana, or I know Papa”.

I tell him, “I love you Rylan”, and he responds with, “I know”.  When I say, “You’re so smart Rylan”, he says, “I know”.  Now he’s not bragging, he’s simply stating a fact.  He knows we love him.  And– he is smart.  When he stayed with us a couple of weeks ago, I heard that phrase many times –and I told him better responses for some statements –like when I said, “Rylan you are so handsome”…and he said, “I know”…. *grin*.  I told him it’s best to say “thank you”.

This morning while I was driving to Dothan, thinking about our lives and the questions that hang in the air–this verse came to my mind:  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

This morning those two words rolled over and over all by themselves.  “I know”.  I realized something–maybe for the first time, “if I know He knows…then I don’t have to know.”  And I know He knows.  He said so in the Bible.  Often.

There are some things we know, and some things we don’t know.  But I’m no longer fretting over what we don’t know.  It all belongs to Him…and I trust Him completely.

I know  He has opened doors that amazed us in the past year.  More doors opened this mission trip than we imagined!  Focus Forward Ministries has launched a new project–and you will want to know about it!

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