Wanda and Pinterest and Some Things She Loved

Sisters Retreat 2006

I saw today that my little sister, Aimee, had pinned one of my “organizational” pins.  I thought as I saw it, Wanda would have loved Pinterest.  She would have very organized boards…and she would have more recipes and organizational tools than you could shake a stick at.  That was Wanda.  Loved to cook and wanted to be organized.

Numerous times, she would call me and we would talk “organizing”.  She would call Aimee and they would talk “cooking”.  Gosh, I miss those calls.

New Mommy Wanda

Wanda never ever-ever gossiped.  Wanda never complained.  Or whined.  I think that’s why when I hear myself complain, or hear it pouring from the mouth of someone, I want to loudly proclaim– YOU (and I) have NOTHING to complain about. (I just backspaced a bunch of something else I would have said, but you probably don’t want to hear that…)

Mother and I spent a couple of days at my house recently–and I discovered something about mother–that I do.  Mother always, always wants to make things better for me.  Just like I want to make things better for Tiffany and April.  Mother does the same thing for Aimee….and did the same thing with Wanda.  That’s mothers.  Well, maybe not all mothers, but mine for real.

I remember when I turned mother on to Pinterest.  I convinced her it was like holding her very own personalized magazine in her hand (with her Kindle).  She could manage her pages, boards, likes, dislikes, etc.  And indeed, the woman loves Pinterest.  Wanda would have too.

Happy Birthday Wanda 2007

Wanda loved a new cook book.  She liked the Taste of Home cook books–and Southern Living.  Oh my, she had a bunch (or several–depending on if you are in the northern states reading this, or the southern).  I have a couple still, but I passed on most to Valaree and Tiffany and April.  I rely on Pinterest recipes a lot.  Wanda would have LOVED that option.

Wanda loved a new Bible.  I remember I had bought one small enough for my purse, it was two-toned brown leather.  It fit nicely in my hand.  The first time I showed it to her, she actually spied it in my hand as Beth Moore (on the screen) asked us to take our Bibles and turn to something…I don’t remember what…but Wanda’s eyes got big when she saw my little Bible.  I handed it to her.  She caressed it like a baby’s arm.  She knew full well the Life it contained.

Wanda loved our ladies Bible Studies class.  Even that last month she lived, we planned together that since she couldn’t get out much, I would come to her house on Wednesday nights–and we would watch the one from the previous week.  It was  Stepping Up by @Beth Moore +Living Proof Ministries .

We talked.  Cried.  Prayed.  It was a life changing time for me…as well as Wanda.  It was the last Beth Moore study she participated in.  We never made it week three.  But she indeed “stepped UP”.

It was a full year before I was able to truly put pen to paper and write out my pain and joy.

The pain makes the joy sweeter.  The joy makes the pain bearable.

That’s the way God works…and I love Him all the more.  For all that He showed me (us) during that time….I would never ever ask her back.  Pinterest has NOTHING to compare to what she’s seen.  Those who have lost someone, I’m truly sorry for your loss.  But don’t ask them back…don’t think thoughts of that.  I don’t think there’s anything I would say that I didn’t say to her.  We talked for years.  We loved and shared and prayed and cried for years.  We bore one another’s sorrows.  Truly.

Wanda’s favorite color was purple.  I’ve talked about it so many times, and a few times, I’ve been given a gift (that is so special to my heart!) after someone read a “purple post”.  And a few times I had someone come up to me and say, “I thought of you when I saw this purple -whatever it was-“.  That always made me smile.

When my husband returned from a mission planning trip, he brought me back a gift of purple.  A teardrop shaped purple stone (for a necklace) from Bolivia. (I love my darling precious husband and all that he is to me.)

Then, the big surprise–quite unexpected, a purple pashmina and purple towel from our friends Joel and Maritza.  I love Jeff’s surprise, but I have to confess, the Pashmina was extra special…because of this:  they didn’t know about my “purple”.  They didn’t know about Wanda’s love of purple–or the fact that February is a special month for us–she was born on Feb. 28, and passed from this life to the next on the 12th.  Tomorrow.  Seven Years.

It was like a gift from God.  I know it came from humans….but still.  God knew.  As He does all things.

Wanda loved her family, her daughter, Victoria, was the biggest miracle and most precious gift in Wanda’s life.  Wanda collected bunnies.  Ceramic. They came in all shapes and sizes.  Tea pots, figurines, etc.  Wanda had a plethora of bunnies.  But Wanda wanted a baby.  A daughter.  And she prayed and believed (despite all nay-sayers), that one day God would indeed grant her prayer.  For more than 20 years.  And He did.  (That’s another blog story for another day)

There are many many things Wanda really enjoyed.  But her love–true and deep, was Jesus Christ.   She loved her husband, Mark, but he had limitations.  Christ Jesus has none.  Wanda would want me to remind you of that.

Listen, I know this was long.  And a rambly sort of post.  And I have much to do today, but I wanted to just share a few things…lest you think I was going to let the day–or this time of year pass by without reminders…I remember.

If you’ve lost someone dear– I know without doubt it’s the most painful thing you’ve ever ever endured.  But remember if you can, there is hope.  It’s found only in Jesus Christ.  He is HOPE.  He is everything to me…and He wants to be everything to YOU.

Happy Home Going Day Wanda.  We love and miss you–but hang on sista!  We are a comin’!

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