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The Lost Can Be Found

I woke this morning with a different feeling inside.  It started with the unusual dream.  Oh how I praise God for that dream!  Because I am reminded of His love for the world.  Humanity.

I woke up praying in a brand new prayer language.  That did something to me-in my heart.  My mind.

Yesterday I reflected on how much He wants to spend time with us me, yet we I continually put Him off.  We I do this- we I work on that- we I go here and we I go there….putting Him on hold until we  I can find time to “sit down”…and then we I forget.

I had to go back and cross out the “we” and show you that it’s me.  It is “I” who stays busy~

Last night I had worked on a picture that I had taken at my mothers, adding a verse.  It’s a sweet spot in her yard for prayer, conversations with children or grandchildren.  It’s a teaching place.  A swing positioned right in front of their garden plot.  Hanging from a huge oak tree, beside a drooping fenced pasture and scupplin’ vine*, an old swing waits.

Then my computer went blitzy and it locked up and lost it.  I couldn’t remember if I had hit “save”…I got aggravated and shut it down and put it away.  I had found just the “right verse”.

It’s a wonderful thing about God’s word.  It’s alive.  Passages I memorized have been coming to my mind frequently–that is The Holy Spirit at work in my busy state of “being”.  Reminding me…

To me, my mother’s house is the place where peace is found and felt and relished.  It’s hard to explain.  I remember my friend Connie Haile and also +Susan K Baldwin, both at different times spending the night with me during a “house sitting” event while they were on a mission trip, or lengthy visit to relatives, and they both said the same thing:  “I feel peace here.”

That’s where we rest.  In the place of peace.  But too often we continue working.  Rushing.  Spending time doing the deal–we forget His desire to be with us.

Tomorrow is Sunday.  If you are in ministry–it’s your busiest day.  Don’t neglect the time needed to rest.  To just “B”. (As my friend +Betty Shoopman  would say.)

God is faithful and HE will meet you in that place…of peace.  Rest.  Breathe.  I can’t tell you how important it is.  Even if you can only grab a snippet of time.  Take it.

Find that “lost” peace that’s missing from your life.  Just like I turned on my computer this morning and opened my pictures in search of another one to work on, there sat the one I made last night…waiting to be used.

The lost can be found.  Seek.


Photo:  (c) Angie Knight Photography. 

*scupplin’ vine

© 2015 Angie Knight- The Knightly News. All rights reserved.

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