I Just Did It!

“Just do it!”  A phrase coined by the Nike Corporation to inspire us to get up off the couch and go to it!  Get those new Nike brand shoes, because surely, that’s where the answer to life lies…in the sole of a shoe.

Their take on it was simple–if you have a body, you are an athlete.

When I first began blogging– I really didn’t know where this vehicle would take me…but looking back, I see that I’ve gone (via cyber-space) to the far reaches of the world.  And I took the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I “just did it”.

I have a friend who loves Jesus with all her heart.  She wanted to be a missionary when she was young, but because of decisions and circumstances in her life-before she came to know Jesus– the answer was no.  Not no from God, but “no” from the office where she inquired.

Thankfully, God didn’t accept the “no”.  He didn’t depend on the “no”.  He gave her a tool to use, birthed that same desire in her child, and low and behold, her typing fingers, blogging heart, and desire to share what God has done for her and will do for others, she is a missionary.  To the farthest reaches of the world.  She just “did it”.  All for His glory and honor…

There have been so many times that things looked impossible.  The road, impassable.  The idea, improbable.  But God.

But GOD –Giver of life--planted an idea.  Sowed into you and me a desire to “do it”… the job of telling others about Jesus Christ–my Savior-when I was at my very lowest, most displeasing state of being… He. Loved. Me.

He didn’t don His Holy Nike shoes, He went barefoot–to the cross.

No, I don’t know if perhaps part of the way He had His sandals.  It’s not written in Holy Scripture.  What I can imagine, His torturers were so intent on making things as miserable for Him as possible–beating Him almost to death–scourging Him, lashing Him, piercing His brow, I don’t imagine they left His shoes on to protect His feet on the road to Golgotha –the place of the skull.

I don’t know if He ever said those words, “just do it”....but that was the mindset He had when He arose from kneeling- in the garden- spying His followers, asleep on the job.  He saw their weakness beyond their pledged allegiance.  And yet, even then, eyes on their sleeping selves, He loved them so tenderly and dearly, He went to the cross to “just do it”.  Intent.  Purposed.  Knowing -tears come in the night–but JOY cometh…. in the morning.

My heart is so burdened for the lost.  Even right now, tears form and spill because I see me in their eyes.  I see where I was before Christ.  I see the desperation to find something to fill that empty life–that whole in my heart that only God can truly fill

What has God assigned to you, friend?

Have you followed through?

Or, are you in the “waiting room”?  Oh, that’s a tough place to be (I’m there).

You know your assignment, but the door hasn’t appeared–YET.

Keep a strong heart.

Believe what He told you.

Go back to the day He said it–and remind the enemy that you have a purpose and you won’t stop until you fulfilled His calling on your life…no matter who says “no”


Our time to impact the world is drawing to a close–the signs are in every news story.  The world is hurting–raging–and chaotic.  Peace is only found in the heart of a Believer in Christ–not in the next new pair of name brand shoes… Nike has nothing on the Peace Speaker.

Just do it.  Realize you can’t do this life without Him…and seek Him today.

I’m a missionary.  Full – time.  Whether I’m typing on this keyboard and the reader is in Honduras, Hawaii, or the Himalayas … The message of the love of Jesus Christ is getting out there.  And then there are those incredible times–where I actually put the sole of my shoes on foreign soil…and I rejoice in sharing the pictures and stories with you…

My message is simple.  Seek Him.  Today.

Allow Him to have full control of your heart and life–give Him full access- and see what happens…

Just do it.

© 2014 Angie Knight- The Knightly News. All rights reserved.

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One response to “I Just Did It!

  • Gloria

    Dear Angie Gril, As the Holy Spirit interrupted me a couple of days ago as I kinda well sorta was whinning about figuring out how to go about writing a post, “There is nothing to it but just to do it.” If we do our part that is all there is to it. Love Mama Doodle

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