First Day on the Job…and What a Day!

This morning–Jeff shared a great devotion–and just in case he decides to facebook it later, I won’t share here…but it was awesome.  I’m very proud of my sweet missionary man–although at this point tonight–I’m too exhausted to even smile.  It MUST be my age showing up tonight–it cannot possibly be the fact that we were able to get 4 brick walls standing of a church building –almost half way today.

The pictures share where we started this morning–introductions and a few brief announcements to the team.  Jeff and Billy Guettler led the brick laying crew– and got everyone off to a great start.

It was really neat looking at the groups working on sections of the walls of the church.  I couldn’t help but think of Nehemiah.  There was four to each section working side-by-side.  A few times we switched around and helped others out–as the mud men were keeping us all supplied constantly with “mud”… (That has got to be the most tiring job of all.)

The work progressed with each one learning what to do–and getting into a solid rhythm.  After while it seemed as if everyone was very well adjusted!

I have been so impressed with these younger team members (Jeff Lollie, Kassi Shackleford and Yaritza Figueroa).  (they are trying to make up for David not being here in the work load department) They have worked tirelessly beside everyone–and let me just say to all who helped send ANY member of this team–YOU are a part of a life changing experience for them–as well as those HERE in Bolivia!  They couldn’t have been here without you…neither could we.  So thank YOU (again).

I have enjoyed hearing Carol and Greta talk about all the things that they have either been surprised about or loved…I can’t share all of that here–it will come later at church from them.  And watching Bill Miner’s face light up in smiles…constantly…  What an inspiration!

Pastor Andie and some of the church members

One thing I did want to share tonight that was extra special from today–as Pastor Andie shared her heart with the group–she told how she had prayed–and believed, but didn’t know how God would answer her prayer–for a church building…then Jeff shared with her–how we had prayed as well–to be HIS hands and feet and be able to be used to bless a church–and both with tears–realized, as Kassi said today–the awesome way God allowed US to be an answer to someone else’s prayer.

Have you ever thought about that?  In your own life–how YOU could very well be an answer to someone’s prayer?

I have a dear friend in Arizona who lives her life just in that manner.  Seeking to be God’s hands and feet for someone–the answer to their prayer.  Barbara Keene, or also known as “the turtle girl” would have LOVED today’s experiences.

Pastor Andie

Tomorrow–in your devotion time–ask GOD to allow YOU to be an answer to someone’s prayer. 

Oh, one more thing–Chase Curti shared with me this morning at breakfast an AMAZING God story that happened LAST NIGHT at church.  I hope I am able to hear him share it with others later on.  

Tears–just remembering.  So far, we have seen God use members of our team…and there is so much more to tell—I just don’t want to spoil it all for them.  Keep your ears and eyes open.  God is wanting to tell you things and show you things.

We left this afternoon with the church looking like this–all the way around.

Oh, ONE MORE last thing… this church has a few stray horses around–chickens, puppies, and dogs, but I haven’t seen a cat yet.  

However– Cindy Pettis did say she saw “Parrots” flying overhead this afternoon… Someone else mentioned it too…so I will have to keep a look out tomorrow for a colorful bird!

Did I mention the precious children?

You know I’ve kept a lookout 🙂

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