Trials of Life-We Tend to Forget

We tend to forget…

Like a new mother forgets her labor– we tend to forget the painfully long flight. 
The turbulence. The limited space.  The sounds of constant chatter, ceaseless motion.

The trials of life are what  it sometimes takes to get us where we are today.  

Why go this distance?  Serving at home is so much easier.  Or at least that’s the voice I heard weeks and even days before this trip.  I bet you hear the same–or at least a similar voice before you embark on the “unknown”….

We go because we are compelled.   We are compelled because of the feeling in our heart that the Words of Christ are to be obeyed….  Compelled to do all we can for those who are less fortunate.

The people we serve and have served would spend many years trying to obtain what we are able to give freely in four days time.  Just four days.

We tend to forget what we endure to get here because of the joy of seeing the faces that God puts before us.  I have loved watching the joy emerge from the faces of the team as they, one by one see something incredible.  
For the joy set before Him, Christ endured the cross.  So that we might have life. 
Does that mean that we have all we want?  No. But it means we have our needs met and as we faithfully serve Him the joy that rises up over the trials.
The trials.

Let me share with you about a trowel (sounds like trial). 

A trowel is a tool used for smoothing concrete. It’s shape at the end of its handle is much like a triangle. 
3 years ago when we came for the first time, I experienced all the “new things” that our first “timers” tomorrow will experience.  
— I enjoyed working beside my husband, Jeff.   Rarely did I have such an opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder doing something to benefit others in reaching the lost for Jesus….  It was a great joy. 
Various people had brought their tools to use– Jeff had brought several and among those that he brought I picked one out that I claimed as mine.  (ha–so silly)  I chose the smaller one that was easier to handle for a “girl”.  I worked diligently at “trying” to learn to lay brick–Bolivian style.   And I was loving very single minute.  
When I took a short break– I wandered around and took some pictures of the team doing their work– then I came back to my post and discovered my trowel (say trial) gone. 
I asked Jeff. No, he hasn’t seen it. I asked others.  No. They were busy.  I finally discovered it. Chase had taken it to use. He had picked it up randomly from the miscellaneous tools lying there. 
I want you to see this spiritually.

I let go of the trowel- (say trial).  I was free to take pictures– talk to the children– yet I wanted that trowel (trial).
 I felt useful holding on to the trowel– although I couldn’t accomplish near what Chase could. He was skilled.   Chase could work circles around me because he knew what he was doing.

There is Someone who can handle our “trials” MUCH better than us…if we would just remember that Christ came to carry our trial. Our burdens.

He said “take my yoke upon thee”-– his “burden is easy and his load light”….

His ways are higher– he will carry our trials–and He bids us to just let go.

Tonight we enjoyed an amazing church service, which I hope to upload pictures soon–but right now it’s 11:45. 🙂  Tomorrow begins early.

Our request for you tomorrow–pray that as we begin our work, we would be strong–for the task–energized with HIS presence–and the lessons God has for us to learn–that we learn them with GRACEFIRST, and that we are able to point hearts to encounter NEW LIFE in Christ. 🙂

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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