Freely Give

How in the world could I begin to tell you about today…

We started off by the pool area–where Jeff shared his heart–mind you with much conviction and tears.  Then Chase Curti shared his amazing story of a “God moment” from Sunday night.  Ken Athey also shared a God moment that he too experienced.  Same God…different moment’s.

God is such a personal–with you every second–kind of  Father–and it is so sad that more people don’t realize that.  And I’m not talking about those who don’t know who He is…I’m talking about those that warm a church pew every single Sunday and even sing a hymn or two… Yes.  Those.

This afternoon, I discovered that Carol and Dennis also had a God moment Sunday night…Wow.  It brought me to tears as she shared it. 

I’m hoping Jeff will share some of his devotion on his Facebook page, or at least write a blog for here again.

You will see pictures all over Facebook of today’s progress…which has been amazing.  You will see beautiful brown-eyed, precious faces–and yes, I tried to get one of the mama’s to let me take the little one home… (no-can-do)

But a very unique thing happened this afternoon–

We met a man in the road today who “gave”.  First, he shared with us (interpreted by Yaritza) his life of service in the military–gladly serving his country.  He had pictures of parts of his journey taped to the inside glass of his portable ice cream stand.  He also had a little photo-book of more of his life.  He told us where he went to church–and that his son attended the church that we were building.  He then “gave” us what he had to give.  Ice Cream.

Of course–without a second thought we took it.  When we tried not to–saying we had no money–he quickly replied “It’s free!”.

It’s FREE.

Part of Jeff’s devotion this morning was from Matthew 10:8 “….Freely you have received, freely give.”

We have been SO incredibly blessed to live where we live, yet we often “give” nothing.  

We have found ourselves to be consumers.  Rather than givers.

What a sad state we have found ourselves in–and it became so real to me this afternoon as I reached across the man’s ice cream cart (livelihood) and accepted his free gift offering. 

One of the girls said, “are you going to eat that?”

“Of course I am.  I wouldn’t offend this man for anything.–God bless this ice cream”.

I remembered instantly a comment from a missionary at General Council to me as I passed her, she handed out a cup of tea–of some sort.  She asked, “would you like some?”  I didn’t hesitate–I accepted.  She said, “you just passed the missionary test.”

I laughed, “what test?”

“A true missionary will take what is offered from someone they don’t know–without a hesitation or thought of what it might be”, she said and smiled.

So–for the group with me this afternoon, say it out loud, “I Am A Missionary”.

From Jesus’ own words– “Go ye therefore…”

That–is exactly what each of these team members have done for a week of their year.  “Go”.  

Most of this team not only have given this week–but they give of their time on a weekly basis.  Teaching classes, leading groups, sharing their hearts on a daily basis.  Some of them reach out into the community where they live and “give”.  Freely.

Just as Christ did.  Just as He commissioned them to do…

They are doing the “all nations” portion of the Commission this week…and for the family and friends back home–EXPECT them to be different when they return.  They will be.  

I hope if you are reading this–and you don’t know Christ Jesus as your personal Savior–that you get a feeling in your heart that you’ve never felt.  My prayer is that the words on this page burn into your heart in such a way that you MUST fall to your knees and ask Jesus Christ to come in and change your life as He has done mine.  He “rearranged” me–in such a way that the things I used to enjoy or long for–no longer hold any interest to me.

I give myself away.  To be used of Him…as the lyrics to William McDowell’s song have rang over and over in my head–I do–again freely GIVE…Myself away to Him.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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