I Itch.

Have you ever heard that saying– ‘left hand itch–you will “give something”, right hand, you will “receive something”… well….

I itch all over my arms.  Both.

I believe it’s because I’m about to join my husband, Jeff and our Mission Team 2013 and GO and give MUCH!  Time, energy, heart, faith, life, love and prayers.  Not to mention all the Bibles and school supplies that have poured in.  (Thank you all by the way.)

Isn’t it neat how we can reach around the world and be of assistance, yet remain where we are?  Sometimes though, some are called to carry that “assistance”.

I’m your carrier.

My mother continually reminds me of the meaning of my name:  Angela.  Messenger of God.  Bringer of good news (I read that somewhere).  A few years ago, a friend (Denise) embroidered me a picture of my name in Hebrew with it’s meaning–“Messenger”.  It hangs in my kitchen, by my sink as a reminder of my purpose.



So, with House Sitter in place…and keeper of Scooter, we embark on a journey to do just that.



Build up the Kingdom of God-by all means necessary.

We will be laying brick–building walls to secure a building for the church that already exists.  (The Church is the Body of Christ–the believers.)

I hope you will join me back here every day as I share through words and pictures exactly what we are doing–GIVING CHRIST to everyone who will RECEIVE.

My son-in-law, David will be sorely missed.  We trust in God’s ways and plans—and BELIEVE that He has all things under control.  David will be joining us through prayer–and spreading the Gospel via a mighty testimony of a miracle that happened just a few weeks ago.  David is a walking–breathing–talking–MIRACLE.  SO…he will do a bit of “telling” of his own.  Thank you God for your MIGHTY hand of protection!

This Mission Team 2013 is made up of 3 churches.  Our church, Grace Assembly, New Life Fellowship, and First Assembly of God (of Marianna).  We are thrilled to have our team together…we have traveled together for Missions since we began to build.  God put us together–and we are THANKFUL!

So, stay tuned.  Saturday is coming!

AND, while you are staying tuned….pray.  Pray for each of the 18 members of this team, plus the missionary that will be leading us, Mike Baldree.  PLUS, pray for good internet connection!

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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