Sometimes…we need a little help

Some days feels like a scribble pad.

Sometimes sense can be made from the doodling that happens when I get on the phone…

Sometimes I draw circles…sometimes I draw arrows…

Often it’s arrows.  Sometimes…absolutely NO Sense whatsoever can be made from my doodling on paper.

Then…there are days that I draw trees, houses, clouds…life.   I love crayons, colored pens and colored pencils.

It’s a quirk probably, but I LOVE school time and school supplies…

Doodling.  Drawing.  Scribbling.  Writing.  Creating…

 When you give a child a crayon–most of the time they know what to do with it…

Then there are those times when they see a bright colored crayon–and their eyes light up–and even seem to bug out.

A. Whole. Unbroken. Crayon.  For me?  Their eyes seem to say…

A project you can help with for our Bolivia trip is simple…if you want to be a part.  We need new small boxes of crayons…colored pencils, a few rulers and notebook paper.

We are also hoping to take each teacher (at the school in Don Lorenzo) a gift bag.  So–if you are a teacher–and you already KNOW what a teacher would need–in a 3rd world country where supplies are almost unobtainable…maybe you would like to contribute or offer some suggestions….

The point?

Help them.  Give them.  Equip them.

Create some smiles…

We leave August 31.  We would love for you to be a part.  You can contact me by email– you can send your item to our church to be packed–or if you are in the area…you can drop by for a visit and allow us to thank you in person!

Everything helps.  Even one pack of crayons.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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