Five Years Later…

Standing with a friend this morning, sharing thoughts, even more than spoken words, I reflected silently back on the last five years.

Actually, the walk back began earlier this morning, as we drove down the interstate, headed toward church.  Five years ago, the opposite direction on the same road.

Five years ago, fear seemed to stampede toward me.  Today, joy leapt. Overcoming any fear, all heartaches and joy even seemed to overtake all memories and remind me that there was MUCH in which to be thankful.

You may wonder what I’m talking about if you landed on this blog today.  Five years ago on the 12th of this month, my sister and best friend, Wanda, slipped off to her eternal Home.

Today, standing with my friend and claimed “sister”, she mentioned, “yesterday was our day”.  She too lost a sister a couple of years before mine.  Loss is all around us…but more than loss, there is life.
Loss wants us to forget that life exists….that it keeps on going. 
Life is more constant than the energizer bunny.  Loss and fear want us to focus on the “then”…but faith, life and joy directs our attention to “tomorrow”.
Mother and daughters_edited …. It’s okay to mourn–there is a purpose for each season in our lives. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t even still shed tears at the loss of my sister. But I cannot allow those tears to drown my living in today. Wanda wouldn’t have that. She would be the first one to admonish me to suck it up. Actually, she wouldn’t say that exactly, but in her own way, that is exactly what she would say. Wanda was just the sort of woman you would want for a friend. She would never discourage dreams…actually, she was a dreamer herself. She shared many with us….her greatest dream–and solid faith came to fruition in the form of a baby girl one beautiful April morning. Wanda taught me to take the joy of life and live it! The joy of living for Jesus has overtaken my life—and it feels good everyday to wake up with renewed purpose of life IN HIM.
There is MUCH to be done in all our tomorrows!  I live each day for the purpose of seeking Jesus more in the now, in hopes of leading someone to Him tomorrow!  Whether it is a simple gesture of buying someone some apple pies in the KFC line, or as serious as praying with a friend on the phone about a heartache that they are living in the very present “now”. 100_1005
Wanda was a prayer warrior.  She took hundreds of needs of others to her Father—the pages of her prayer journal prove that—her life was living proof of her faith.
What does your life say about you?
You like food?  That’s okay…just don’t let food become your idol.
You like Fun?  Fun is fine—as long as faith in HIM is your first focus.
Or,  do you have extreme faith –that God can be depended on!
BE the faith—prayer warrior—BELIEVER IN WHAT GOD CAN DO!! IN and THROUGH YOU!

© Angie Knight—The Knightly News 2013.  All rights reserved.

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