Meeting Norm

This is from 2 years ago–but it goes with an upcoming class–I wanted to share it again.  A special thank you to our dear friends, Pam and Chris Flanigan for hosting us as well as taking us to “meet Norm”.

On the first day of our journey, I wrote a post that had a phrase about me not being the “norm”.  Funny how things come back around.
Today we met Norm.  Well, actually his name is Norman.100_3490

Maybe some of his friends called him “Norm” at one time.  When I heard his name, my mind instantly went back to this post.
Norman had once lived with his brother, all bachelors in a small house.  Norman has out lived his brothers and will actually be 90 years old in May.  Norman has everything he seems to want.
He’s a collector of oddities.  Jeff tried to buy one of his rocks, but Norman wanted to hang on to it. *smile*
Aren’t we like that?  Hanging on to stuff in life that really serves us no spiritual purpose—and really has no eternal value, but yet we cling to it as if our very life depended it on it.
Norman and his brothers used to walk fields to tend to their cattle.  Sometimes as much as 20 miles a day.  They would check them, then go back home. Collecting odd things along the way.
Norman and his brothers were big deer hunters, turkeys and most likely squirrel, rabbit and anything else they could use for food.  Norman still uses a wringer washer.  He uses a wood burning stove to cook his food—even in the summer.  He has a TV, and does watch some, but he doesn’t seem to get caught up in having all the gadgets that every single commercial seems to say, “gotta have it”!
Does Norman know Christ?  I’m not sure.  
We were introduced, shook hands, and I searched his cloudy, aging eyes.  The friends that introduced us didn’t know if he went to church up in the hills of Arkansas where he lives….but I hope so.  I hope someone shared with him at some point about Jesus Christ and His dying love for all humanity.
Norman was willing to show us his collections, even didn’t seem to mind me snapping shots of them, but he wasn’t willing to part with anything.  And let me just say, Norman had quite a bit.  Our hunting buddies back home would be a bit envious of all the deer racks hanging EVERYWHERE.  A room full.  The porch of his house had several.
 Trophies of living—but what about the things that matter.
Is there a Norman in your life?
I am sure most Norman’s get overlooked.  They look at us through eyes that mist over when recalling loved ones long gone, and they cling to the only thing they know that brings happiness.
But happy hearts do not grow from the accumulation of stuff.  Oh, sure, for a time, those sassy new shoes may make us feel good, but that is temporary.
Leading a Norman to Christ would bring true happiness.  Watching a 90 year old man become born again fresh and alive in Christ—that brings happiness.
Friend, can I make a suggestion?  If there is a Norman, sitting on his front porch –on a road that perhaps you travel every day…or maybe he’s in your neighborhood and you know him by name, why don’t you stop every now and then and build a relationship of trust with him.  You may be able to one day lead Norman to Jesus.
I think we all have Norman’s in our lives.  I’m so glad our friends stopped today and gave us a peek into a life that is so often overlooked.
Norman is not living on welfare, nor social security.  Norman lives off the land.  He sells, when he needs to, some of his collection to buy groceries and pay the small electric bill that he might have.
I suppose today, he didn’t need to sell anything.
Sorry, Jeff.  You’ll have to pick up some neat stuff somewhere else.

Pictured:  Norman, Norman’s rock collection, his wringer-washer, his house, Jeff and Mrs. Pam.

Thank you Chris and Pam for an incredible day of seeing Arkansas, and a peek into Missouri!
MORE to come!
© Angie Knight.  All rights reserved.

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