Work Day 2-Cambodia


I didn’t have one drop of energy to blog last night…so sorry if you were waiting on pictures!

There are several artists in the group!  They have enjoyed bringing cheer and color to the girls rooms!


Okay, NEAT thing—Shauna Wigington, the young lady who preached for us on Sunday is the granddaughter (along with her sister, Luanna in the back of the room here) of one of our former pastor’s, Reverend Henry Barfield!  Bro. Barfield was my pastor when I was a teenager!  This was a sweet surprise!  God knew all those years ago when I used to see Shauna when she would visit her grandparents that one day…she and I would be in Cambodia on a mission together…

While we rested yesterday from the 100_4934heat and painting project, we were joined by a group of precious girls….and we sang with them…it was incredibly sweet. 

I just wish they wore name tags like we do so we could remember their names!  The one on my right was their worship leader Sunday—awesome heart for God.

We will actually see where she came from today (it’s 5:00 a.m. here)

I will post more pictures and update you more—for all those following along that have family/friends here…pray as you sleep tonight! 

© Angie Knight—The Knightly News 2012

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