Life Updates and God’s Blessings!

IMG_0234I know…it’s been a while since we last talked.  If you had been here though—I would have talked your EAR off!  (Just ask Jeff.)

We have been busy with the many changes in our lives—all exciting ones!  (The things that cause a bit of stress…keeps us on our knees!)

We have moved—not far though—still on the camp grounds!  This is one of God’s blessings.  I had been wanting to downsize…and really feeling the “need” to do so…but needed the incentive—and a little nudge.  When our life long friends/former home pastor, Rev. Tommy Moore was elected as our new Superintendent, God granted us the opportunity! They now live in our little house and we moved to another little house!  They both say, “it feels like home”.  Mine does to me too.  This was a very sweet blessing from the LORD!

I will send our address out to those of you who have had it in the past—and if you want it Smile

Other Changes:

  • The house phone is turned OFF.  Why have one when it’s never used?
  • No TV nor cable at this house.  (Again, this is a blessing in disguise—I am not positive that it is given it’s proper recognition by all) (grinning here)
  • MANY things that fit in the other house does not fit here—that means MANY things will be up for sale at the November 12 Yard Sale for Missions (here at the camp grounds)  (This is another blessing—I mean—how much stuff do you really NEED?)
  • I am excited to work with Rese Moore, our Women’s Ministry Director and be involved in Section 7’s Women’s Ministry as their representative!  I can’t wait to get started (If you are from Section 7 and are reading this—you know what a busy time we’ve had lately, please forgive)
  • Common Grounds is GROWING.  We had Betty Shoopman with us in October—and had an AMAZING time! If you want an amazing woman of God—I encourage you to contact Betty for your next retreat—or a special Church service! (Picture at the bottom)
  • I am still writing for Street Talk Magazine and Kelley Ward does an amazing job editing and publishing this free magazine! 
  • I am headed to Cambodia in March 2012 (If God continues to lead and direct) with Mission of Mercy –and now, along with Becky, Vanessa, Rene, Nikki, and Jamie!  YAY!
  • Jeff is working on the next mission trip for our church—stateside and foreign.
  • Jeff and I have been really enjoying teaching our Young Adult Class—“C-4″—Called-Chosen-Committed-Children of God” on Wednesday night! They are an awesome BUNCH!
  • Jeff has been extremely busy—but is enjoying all the excitement in the air around this place!  We look forward to what God has in store!
  • Scooter seems pretty excited to be here (he would be hurt if I didn’t mention him)

Pictures will come soon—I’ve really been too busy to take any! 

I will be speaking at Carmel A/G Women’s Tea in November—if you think of  me—pray as I am seeking God for the message to bring to those awesome ladies!  (That is my home!)

Okay, I am hugging you all from here. (((hugs))).  My dear sweet friend, Lynn Donovan taught me that one.

We will get back to some devotions and Bible Study soon!



The above pictures are from our Common Grounds meeting in October.  What an amazing lesson on TRUSTING GOD she brought!  Thank YOU Betty for your obedient and kind heart!  I love you!!!  Susan Baldwin, Women’s Ministry Leader of Marianna First AG will be our special speaker on November 17—YOU don’t want to miss this!  I had a “sneak peek” at the message God has been pouring into her heart and life—YOU will be blessed!!

That’s all for tonight—there are probably MANY things I’m leaving out…but I’m tired 😉 So—goodnight—and THANK YOU for all those who sign up to get this little spot of blog news in your inbox!

Giving Him ALL,


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