Today is a GOOD Day!

How many years ago is it now?  As our daughters get a bit older…I get a bit forgetful 😉

Happy Birthday Tiff! 

Although we hardly ever get to be together…my heart still remembers what it was like to hold you as a tiny baby.  I still remember how it was when we brought home your sister, April –you seemed so grown beside her.  I thought surely I must have missed a year in those few days of being away from you while I was at the hospital.

Then you did grow up.  To become a beautiful young woman and a wonderful mommy.  We are proud of you and love you so much!

We pray for you and your little ones…following in the steps that you and Jared are making before them.  Walk confidently in the love and grace offered from the LORD. 

Today, I will look up toward the heavens and tell Him “thanks” for sending me just what I needed in both my children (I know you belong to both of us…but I get a bit possessive of my girls).  I will tell Him “thanks” for teaching me how HE loves us, through me loving you and April.  He loves big.  Bigger than I ever could imagine…in a million years.

I love you–and I pray that YOUR day is filled with wonderful surprises, secrets whispered to you from our Father in heaven…who loved you first.


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