A Jeff Blog: “What About My Sheep?”

Jeff ProfileI looked out my window and saw a 6 point buck walking across the front yard and into the woods; I grabbed a bow and arrows and quickly ran after him.

As I entered the woods I saw him some 20 yards away, and realized all I had on was my boxers shorts and a T-shirt, but my attention was on the buck so I took my bow (which seemed so small for some reason), and as I put my arrow in I realized my arrow was so short I couldn’t pull back the bow string.

All of a sudden, as if the woods opened up, I saw houses and businesses all around. I quickly ran back into the woods for cover, not wanting any one to see me in my boxers. I headed back to the safety of my house, but as I exited I could see my house and my grandson playing in the yard.  

As I got closer to the yard I saw sheep walking toward me, they were laughing at me in my boxers, my little bow and my short arrows.

As the sheep passed me I turned to see where they were going, and out of nowhere a vehicle as long as a train pulled up and starting shooting the sheep and loading them into the train, I ran for the house to safety but once inside I realized—where is my grandson?   

I looked out the window and saw the men putting him in the train. Without hesitation I ran after the train, I finally got it stopped, I snatch open the door and pull the driver out and slammed him onto the ground, he shatters like glass. 

I start to climb into the train and realize the other man has a gun; I quickly retreat, but then think about my grandson and climb back up—pulling the man with the gun out and slam him to the ground. He shatters like glass just as the first man.  I get my grandson out of the train and start for home.

I woke up and thought what a crazy dream, and went back to sleep.

The next morning I did my usual routine, brush my teeth, made coffee, read my devotion and prayed.

I began to think about Sunday’s service, the anointing was so strong and powerful, the preaching was the best I ever heard Pastor Dallas preach. It was the best because it was for me.   It was if God had a talked with Pastor Dallas and told him all about me.

While reflecting on Sunday’s services, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the dream last night.  I first though how crazy it was, and the Spirit spoke to my heart and said, “it was for you”. My first response was, “WHAT??”  “I don’t even know what that dream means”.

The Spirit spoke so soft to my heart, “Do you want to know?”

I began to pray and to seek what the Lord was trying to say, and all day long he revealed small pieces at a time as though I couldn’t handle it all at one time.

  • The 6 point buck was a distraction. You get up you read, you pray, you go about your day and are so easily distracted by the things the enemy puts before you.
  • You’re in T shirt and boxers because you don’t put on the whole armor of God.
  • The little bow is how much you really read Gods word.
  • The short arrows are your Prayer life.
  • The Sheep are the people you pass by every day.
  • The two men are the enemy that leads so many astray, some even to death.
  • The train is what the enemy is working so hard to fill.
  • The driver is the obstacle you face and overcome every day.
  • The man with the gun is the obstacles you are afraid to face.
  • You overcome the fear when your grandson is involved.



Thank YOU Jeff for such an amazing—timely message!

Let us all realize what is going on in our lives—and get a grip on the altar as never before!


© Jeff W. Knight—Angie Knight, 2011 The Knightly News-Giving Him All.  All rights reserved.

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