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Mission Interviews: Chase Curti and Chris Smith

I asked all those who had not been on a foreign mission trip before if they would like to share some of their experiences on the trip through a short interview!!  I am always interested and thrilled to know how God is speaking and working in the lives of others. 
Thank you Chase and Chris for starting us off!
Chase Curti
How did you feel in preparing for this trip?

A little nervous on what to expect being in a foreign country, not knowing how they would perceive Americans coming into their land –providing the love and teaching of Jesus Christ.

What was the first thing that made an impact on you?

The first night of church.  Seeing and realizing no matter what situation you may face in life or the poverty you are faced with, all is forgotten while worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ.  The fancy church, pews, air conditioning, etc. doesn’t matter when you are worshipping with all of your heart.

What have you experienced that has been life changing for you?

Just being able to share the same worship at church with people of two different languages.  There is no barrier or difference–we all were understanding together.

Do you feel God targeting any area of your life through this trip?

It has helped me realize that the things you think you must have sometimes–are not really important at all.  Seeing these people that don’t have much –still happy as can be with just the barest necessities of life.  They have the love of Jesus and family.

What is the best or worst think so far?

The best thing has been the church service.  There hasn’t been a “worst”.  It has all been great!

What would you say to someone undecided about missions trips?

That it’s a once in a lifetime experience–and everyone should try to experience one.  It’s really a life changing event.

How has this affected your perception of a missionary?
A lot more respect for missionaries–seeing what one has to overcome on a day in and day out basis, just to further the kingdom.
How do you apply the Great Commission in your life?
The love of Jesus through words and actions–hoping those around me would want the same in their lives and what they see in me and my family.
Would you go again?

Yes.  I would love to go again on any chance given!

Chris Smith

How did you feel in preparing for this trip?

I have been on trips within the USA, but not in other countries so I was a little nervous and at the same time excited.

What was the first thing that made an impact on you?
The amount of planning and coordinating that goes into a trip.  Passport, shots, tickets, customs, supplies, etc.  By the way Brother Jeff, great job!! 
What have you experienced that has been life changing for you?
The vast amount of people who need to be reached in this world.  We cannot reach them all on a personal level, but going to a place such as Bolivia, we can impact some lives, plus support the Christians who live there.
Do you feel God targeting any area of your life through this trip?
Not really in a single area as of today.  But more across the board in many areas of my life.  Example:  More visible in my neighborhood and more prayer for those abroad.
What is the best or worst think so far?
The worst thing is Tammy and Andy unable to go this time.  One of the best is the unity of the team.
What would you say to someone undecided about missions trips?
I have been to some neat places on vacations and had a great time with family, but no attraction or park compares with a mission trips.  The people you meet, the things you experience are unlike anything else.
How has this affected your perception of a missionary?
I have a greater respect for them and their work.  I also have a greater appreciation for our foreign pastors.

How do you apply the Great Commission in your life?
I try to be a light to those I come in contact with.  I never want  to “turn someone off” by anything I say or do.
Would you go again?
For sure!  Yes.  I don’t think this will be my last.

Powerful Day—After a Night of Missions** (addition made)

The air this morning was very windy–and significantly cooler than yesterday.  When we gathered for breakfast–the excitement of what the day would bring was stirring in my heart.  I could tell by looking at some of the faces–they felt it too.

I didn’t take any pictures of breakfast food–It is all pretty much as what you “could” fix at home, even the fried sliced hot dog wieners.  What I want to tell you tonight is far from food. 

Last night, after we all returned to the hotel we adjourned to our rooms–what I thought everyone was doing–getting ready for bed, especially since the first day had been so tiring.  While I was getting 176 pictures uploaded and blog ready, there was a group of missionaries going to to do mission work.

Brother Orville Bremer had brought Spanish tracks to pass out.  I had not seen them, but had heard him mention that he had some that he would give the pastor here for his work.

This amazing man–with a heart as big as any I’ve ever witnessed, after working all day as hard as any of the younger men on the team, gathered his tracks and he and his granddaughter, Kara and son, David were going to pass out tracks.  When a few of the others that were still downstairs heard them say that they were getting ready to go out they knew they wanted in on this action!  Off they went! 

The stories that Cindy, David, and John, along with a few others, will be able to share when they get home will bless you.  I won’t share it here–but just know–it brought hot tears to my eyes this morning at breakfast when Cindy shared it with me.  I have asked her to write something about it for my blog readers–and she has promised she would–so stay tuned for that one.  Thank you Cindy!

**(I needed to insert that Thomas and Rene Parkhurst and Chris Smith also went with the “missionary team” to bring the LIGHT to the darkness.)**

What Cindy shared with me this morning about their mission on the streets of Bolivia late last night went right along with the devotion I read by Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest this morning.

“A river touches places of which its source knows nothing, and Jesus says if we have received of His fullness, however small the visible measure of our lives, out of us will flow rivers that will bless to the uttermost parts of the earth.  We have nothing to do with the outflow–This is the work of God that ye believe…God rarely allows a soul to see how great a blessing he is.  A river is victoriously persistent, it overcomes all barriers….

Never allow anything to come between yourself and Jesus Christ, no emotion, or experience; nothing must keep you from the one great sovereign Source.”

God is nothing short of amazing–and His amazing power goes way beyond my ability to speak.

Jeff shared on the bus his devotion this morning–and again, God tied it all together.  He shared how he had ran from the call of God for the past 30 years–thinking that he knew what “God” had planned–and thinking that he didn’t relish the idea of participating in something he didn’t feel he could do.  He was satisified–LIKE ALL OF US–to continue doing the routine of loving God–serving God–living for God–yet not FULLY giving God everything.  While there is nothing wrong with those things–there is something far greater when we actually “release” our lives fully to HIM.  Recognizing our need to do so is the first step.

When Jeff finally said “yes”–to whatever God has in store–God shared some things with him.  God is the Master Builder and planner–and what we “think” is His plan–may not always be.  All He wants us to do is TRUST HIM fully for the outcome of our lives.  Just saying “yes” releases us from worry about our future–and gives God full authority to do with us what He likes.

Later this afternoon, while talking with Brother Bremer about his incredible blessing of wonderful family–here and back home, he had difficulty talking without being emotional.  I share that emotion.  He is an amazing man–hungry for God to continue to move in his life and be used as never before.  What a testimony!  (As I type this–he’s doing that very thing!  Witnessing on the streets of Bolivia!)

Okay, we’ll talk more about this later–for now, enjoy the day with us!  And special thanks to Rene Parkhurst who took many pictures for me since I was “on the wall”. 

And thank you to Jeff–who believes in me and supports me, and after 29+ years of marriage–is still the love of my life.  You have done a great job on this trip–and I am so proud of you!

Good night–sleep tight.  Pray for much to be accomplished tomorrow–for health, wellness and strength for the remainder of the trip.  Pray for us all to impact the life of another.  That’s what we’re here for.

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Building the Walls

This morning, as we rode to the church building site, Jeff shared devotion and prayer with the team –and it was a Word.  “Listen”. 

“Listen to the voices around you this week–life is happening all around–and God is speaking to us in and through it all.”  You may be surprised at what you hear.  I can say–I have listened.  And heard.

As I stood during a short break, and as we waited on more concrete to be mixed, and “listened” as Brandon Spencer, New Life Mission Director, shared his heart and how he heard God call him and his wife Becky to do “more” than what they first thought ministry would be, tears stung my eyes. 

I’m thinking, “been there”.  Heard that.  Or at least, something similar.

We have experienced some things today that made me almost catch my breath. 
A word. 

A sentence.

A sight.

Today, when the first brick was set I thought of the people that would come on Sunday to a brand new place!  But the “church” already exists–it is the people–who gather and lift of the name of Jesus Christ!  Worship to God is utmost important to the people.  When you look in their eyes, you see anticipation!  They will have an actual building–rather than a tarp stretched over poles to keep the hot sun from beating down on them. 

I can just imagine that come Sunday–there will be MUCH praising going on!

They will still sit on the boards laid across stumps as their pews.  They may not have an organ, a guitar, microphone or piano–but they have voices and hearts that will lift so high that God will lean over and hush the heavenly chatter to listen to their praise.  I can just imagine what it could possibly sound like by the time it reaches heavens Ears.  Like nothing we hear on earth.

Okay. I must hush–or I will be here all night sharing what I feel. 

Let me allow YOU to feel.  Not the heat –but the presence of Almighty God as you view the pictures. 

Breath deep of the air that surrounds you.  Look closely at what you have.  Know that YOU are blessed beyond measure. 

EVEN if your a/c is on the blitz.
EVEN if you don’t like the teacher you have this year.
EVEN if you don’t have a car like “so-and-so”.
EVEN if ________(you fill in the blank).

You are blessed.  I am reminded yet again and again.  May these sights never leave my mind. Or yours.

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Sunday-Church-and City Streets

What a DAY!

I will hit just a few highlights–there will be so much that these folks will share when we get home!

After we skyped in for about 10 minutes of service time this morning–we took our sleepy selves to rest. Then met back for supper at 4 this afternoon. I have some of the pictures of just outside our hotel. Don’t be alarmed–it is just as it looks–but if any of my Honduras buddies read this–we did things we would NOT have done while in Honduras.

We walked to supper, which was at a restaurant just down the street–had an AWESOME meal! Came back and divided into three groups for church.

The largest group took the rented bus–they heard Mike, our missionary preach. The second group was picked up after us, so I’m not sure about their transportation–but they were ministered to by New Life’s Mission Director, Brandon Spencer. (AND I think he preached without an interpreter!)

Lastly, Jeff, Brother Orville, his son, David, Kim, Kara and I were picked up by a pastor and his wife (taking 2 taxi’s) and we were blessed by a message from Kara Bremer! Amazing young woman following God’s direction for her life!

The scarey thing–was not the hair raising taxi ride into the boonies….it was the standing by the road side–blocks from the church–waiting on 2 more taxi’s to take us BACK. And church service was not short. Did I mention it was DARK? Okay–we’ll save the rest until we return.

We are excited about getting started on the church tomorrow! We were BLESSED tremendously from God today! I am amazed yet again that He has allowed me a peek into the window of His work. I am thankful to stand along side my sweet husband–and he has done an outstanding job!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Arrived Safe and Sound

Many hours have passed since we left Pensacola, Florida–spent a day and what turned into a night in Miami due to the bad weather–then on to La Pas, Bolivia and finally arriving at our destination this morning just before church time at home!

Santa Cruz, Bolivia has some similarities to what some of the mission team has seen before–but there are many fresh new eyes among us.

We were able to skype in to do the “Missions Minute” at church! What a blessing!! To be able to let those dear ones know that we are safe, was indeed something that put a bright smile on every face here!

I have uploaded all the pictures–instead of weeding out the duplicates–please bear with us for this one time. We wanted to get some up for you as soon as possible. We didn’t get as many shots driving through the town as I have in the past, due to speed, and road conditions.

They were having a “National Walk Day” and we thought for a little while that they were going to make us get out–unload our luggage and walk to the hotel! (When several of our big guys pilled out of the bus to see what was us–they decided that we sort of “out weigh them”. 😉

Be BLESSED and pray for us!  We will be in church with them tonight!

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Up, Up, and Away!

2011-04-10 Hot Air Balloon 004

This morning, we advance forward, more than just a few steps.

And 17 go with.  Making a team total of 19 headed “out of town”. 😉

We have tucked in prayer, fasting, and many months of planning and preparations.  Every member.

Each member of this team was hand picked….by God.  The reason I know is we started out with more, but as instructed, everyone prayed for direction.  There were some that felt that this trip was not “their trip”.  But the next one just might be!

Much thought has gone into the purchasing of items to share, packing of necessities, and some “not quite necessary”.  No detail left untended.2011-07-24 She Speaks 2011 020

Today, several will leave dirt and experience clouds.

What a sight!  They will have so MUCH to tell you when they return!  And a few will tell you some things while they are away!  Tune in here for interviews, experiences, God words, and slide shows of pictures.

Fasten your seat belt.  In the words that these fresh eyes and ears express, you might hear a message meant for YOU alone.  From HIM.

Remember to pray for us!




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